Lipogaine Big 5 – Complete Product Review

Are you looking for quality hair products for treating hair loss? You are reading the right article. Have you ever heard of Lipogaine and its hair care products? If no, then you must know that you are missing out some essential products for hair loss treatment. Here, we will share the product review of Lipogaine Big 5, which is a phenomenal product for both men and women. 

It is necessary to do appropriate remedies and treatments whenever you see symptoms of hair loss such as balding, hair thinning, reducing hairline, etc. It is necessary to use the right product at the right time for treating such problems. In the following article, we will know about Lipogaine and its product Big 5, its uses, pros and cons, etc.

What is Lipogaine?

Lipogaine is a company that provides hair loss treatment products.

Lipogaine is a company that provides hair loss treatment products. The valuable medical items are created by using the latest science discoveries. The unique formula can treat your hair and prevent baldness in many ways. Lipogaine treatment products help in maintaining and re-growing lost hair with the help of beneficial compounds in it. 

The company provides hair care products for both men and women. The products include shampoos, conditioner, serums for normal as well as sensitive scalp. Some of the popular hair loss treatment products are Lipogaine Intensive treatment for men and women, hair rejuvenating shampoo, Big 3 and Big 5 shampoo and conditioner, etc. 

What is Lipogaine Big 5 Shampoo?

Lipogaine Big 5

Lipogaine Big 5 shampoo is one of the highly effective shampoos for treating hair loss problems like alopecia, age-related issues, etc. It is made with natural ingredients that can also treat scalp infection. The formula is a blend of five powerful ingredients like Biotin, caffeine, castor oil, argan oil, and palmetto. There are no harmful chemicals and artificial colors. 

Lipogaine Hair Stimulating Shampoo for Hair Thinning & Breakage, for All Hair Types, Men and Women, Infused With Biotin, Caffeine, Argan Oil, Castor oil and Saw Palmetto (Purple)
  • Trusted Brand: Hundreds of thousands people around the world have been in love with Lipogaine products since 2009. Most people learnt the brand from their very satisfied friends.
  • Premium natural ingredients based hair stimulating shampoo, strengthen & nourish hair and help prevent hair thinning & hair breaking. For both Men and Women with hair loss or thinning.
  • Powerful proprietary blend of Biotin, Caffeine, Argan Oil, Castor oil and Saw Palmetto for the best volume and looking of your Hair
  • Free of Harsh Chemicals.NO SLS, Color Safe.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

What are the Ingredients of Lipogaine Big 5 Shampoo?

We will discuss some of the essential ingredients in this shampoo and how they are useful for regrowth of hair. 

  1. Biotin: This component is a water-soluble Vitamin B that helps in stimulating the production of keratin. The deficiency of Biotin can cause hair loss, skin rashes, etc. So, Big 5 shampoo has this vitamin in the product.
  2. Caffeine: It stimulates the hair follicles and promotes new growth. If you apply it directly, then your hair follicles will absorb without any side effects.
  3. Argan Oil: This oil is full of antioxidants that can remove free radicals from the body and fatty acids to nourish the strands deeply. If your hair is well-nourished, then there are fewer chances of hair fall.
  4. Castor Oil: The oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce scalp inflammation and, minimize hair fall.
  5. Saw Palmetto: It is a natural DHT blocker to stop the production of excessive DHT molecules that cause baldness. 

How Does Big 5 Shampoo by Lipogaine Works?

This shampoo works in two ways as listed:

  1. DHT Blockers: The essential five ingredients in this shampoo are natural DHT blockers. It helps in controlling the levels of DHT that cause hair fall and baldness. The product also stops the production of excessive DHT and treat hair loss. 
  2. Promote Blood Circulation: The components used to manufacture the product are very effective. These ingredients help in promoting the blood circulation in the scalp and also, stimulate the regrowth of hair follicles. The castor oil has anti-inflammatory properties to treat scalp inflammation as well as circulating blood. Due to the proper circulation of blood, new hair growth and prevents baldness. 

How to Use Lipogaine Big 5 Shampoo? 

Big 5 shampoo by Lipogaine is easy to apply. You must wet your hair thoroughly, and use a small amount of shampoo on the scalp. Leave the Big 5 shampoo on the scalp for at least 5 minutes before rinsing. You can also massage your scalp continuously to improve the blood circulation. 

How Often Should I Use it? 

It is recommended to use the Big 5 shampoo for at least 2 to 3 times a week. If you want quick results, then you must avoid using styling products as well as heating tools.

Pros of Using Lipogaine Big 5 Shampoo

  1. Reduces Levels of DHT: The hair follicles become shrink and thin due to lower levels of DHT. It is essential to control the DHT levels to stop hair loss. The shampoo is sufficient enough to reduce the levels of DHT as well as prevent scalp inflammation.
  2. Increase Blood Circulation: Lipogaine Big 5 shampoo helps in increasing the circulation of blood in the scalp. It stimulates hair growth and makes it strong and healthy. 
  3. Five Hair Thickening Ingredients: This shampoo is made up of five essential ingredients such as Biotin, caffeine, castor oil, argan oil, and palmetto. These components help in hair growth and make your thin hair quite thick and dense.
  4. Suitable for Both Men and Women: Both men and women can use this hair product. It works wonders on all types of hair. 
  5. Antibacterial and Antifungal: If you have any scalp infection due to which you are losing your hair, then it is the right product. The shampoo comes with antibacterial and antifungal ingredients to prevent and cure any scalp infection.  
  6. No Chemicals: All the ingredients used to manufacture this shampoo are organic. There are no harmful chemicals and artificial colors. There is no harm of using this product on your hair.

Cons of Using Lipogaine Big 5 Shampoo

  1. Dryness: After using shampoo on your hair, you may feel dryness on the scalp as well as hair. You have to use a conditioner to prevent dryness. No Ketoconazole: It is an essential ingredient which is helpful in the regrowth of hair. You may get thick hair, but the time taken for the regrowth of lost hair may get slow.
  2. Normal Scalp Only: This shampoo works great only on the normal scalp. If you have sensitive skin, then it might not suit you and can cause redness and inflammation. It is crucial to consult the dermatologist before applying this shampoo on your sensitive skin. 

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Customer Reviews

Many customers buy this product and have shared lots of good and bad things about the Lipogaine Big 5 shampoo. Let us go through some of them.

1. Getting Results

I have been using Big 5 shampoo for two months. Initially, I got no improvements in my hair conditions. But after a month, I observed that my bald patches are filling with hair. And, my hair is getting thick a bit. After using it for two months, I got excellent results. I am continuously using this product as prescribed by my doctor.  

2. Not Effective on Sensitive Skin

I have very sensitive skin on my scalp. Any new product that I use can cause redness and inflammation. And so does this product. This shampoo does not suit my scalp, and I stop using this product. I hardly get any hair growth results. 

3. Fantastic Product to Make Hair Strong

I am a man of age above 50 years. I got bald due to my age. Then, one of my friends recommended this product to me. So, I purchased it online and started using it. I must say that it is a fantastic product in terms of hair loss treatment. I got amazing results, and now, my wife is also using the same product for the thickening of her hair.  

4. It works!

I was suffering from hair loss for 2 years due to stress. I was so much busy in my office that I didn’t realize that I have lost too much hair. But, my husband recommends this product to me. It is amazing! I have also controlled my stress through meditation and therapies. This shampoo brought my lost hair, and now, I am looking good and happy.  

Where Can I Buy Lipogaine Products? 

It is very easy to buy Lipogaine products for treating hair loss. You can purchase its variety of products from its original website. There are many third-party websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., that sell Lipogaine products, including Lipogaine Big 5 and 3 shampoo, conditioners, and various serums. You can order them online on fabulous discounts. You can also buy these products from many distributors and retailers in your locality.  

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Lipogaine Big 5 shampoo is one of the trending products for hair loss treatment. You must be selective enough to buy the right hair care product. It is complicated to trust a company that is claiming to have amazing products to treat hair loss effectively. The company provides many products for both men and women.

One can use their products with any hair type. If you have sensitive skin, then also you can use special products made for sensitive and delicate skin. The company claims that you will get results in 3 to 6 months. Many users across the world choose this product for hair loss treatment. It cleanses your scalp and reduces DHT levels to promote hair growth and make it thick, shiny and healthy.