Irestore vs Capillus – which one is better and why?

Irestore vs Capillus – which one is better and why?

Hair loss is a very tricky topic and there seem to be many products targeted at this problem. Helmet systems that stimulate regrowth are becoming a popular solution so we’ll showcase two brands that make them – Irestore vs Capillus. These will be able to help you with your hair loss problem in a more advanced and modern way. Forget about creams, shampoos, and pills that take so long to start working. Make up your mind and get one of these.

Irestore vs Capillus – Direct Comparison

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Breaking it down

Because we want to make this a true Irestore vs Capillus showdown, we will have an interesting point system to decide who the winner is. We’ll talk about a feature, how each product does in the category and we’ll give a point to the winner of the feature. In the end, we’ll have a winner with the points from features combined.

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The strength of the device

The strength of a device like this can be measured in numbers of diodes, but also in recommended exposure. It’s important that you check these numbers in order to know how much light therapy you are actually getting. This is the most important information about products like these. Let’s see the iRestore vs Capillus fight on this.

  • iRestore

The iRestore cap has 272 laser diodes, which is a fantastic number. Not many gadgets in this category have so many diodes, especially the „not professional“ versions. You have to use it for 25 minutes each day, which is more than the average product advises. We’re going to rate this one 5/5 because of the number of the diodes.

  • Capillus

This cap has only 82 diodes, but the cap is put directly on your head and can be worn casually. You’ll save time as well because it has to be used only 6 minutes each day. Because of that, we’re giving it a 4/5.


Winner: The winner is iRestore. One point for them.

How fast you see the results

In reality, we just want to see the results quickly and get the new look that we have been all about. So, let’s see how these two products compare. When can you see the first results, when can you see the real results – let’s find out?

  • iRestore

The manufacturer says that anywhere between 3 and 6 months you will experience fuller hair. This is a pretty quick rate of change and will surely make the user happy. We’ll give a 4/5 because of we

  • Capillus

The first three months won’t show much change, but the next three months will show a decrease in hair loss. When a year passes by, you’ll see a prominent physical result. The best ones will show after 2 years of use.

Winner: iRestore is surely the winner. Again, a point for iRestore. They lead 2:0 in iRestore vs Capillus.

Quality of production

It’s very important to see whether the product that you’re using is anywhere near the same quality as the picture. Sometimes the online appeal of something doesn’t match the real thing. Let’s see how iRestore vs Capillus does when compared by user reviews.

  • iRestore

iRestore seems to have the very same product in the product pictures and on their shelves. There has been very little complaint about the quality of the build and therefore we’re giving the product s 5/5.

  • Capillus

Capillus has a phenomenal connection with their buyers and they are offering you a bunch of settlements if anything goes wrong. Because of that, we’re going to give them a 5/5.

Winner: It’s a tie here, we’re not going to give the point to anyone because both are winners.

Other products needed?

Is there anything worse than getting a product only to see that you should use it along with a $100 worth of other products by the same company? That’s a shame. Let’s see what these two are up against and are there any hidden messages.

  • iRestore

You don’t need other products with this system! If you decide to use them, you will see that they have greater benefits when you use the therapy. Either way, save the money for something else. We’re rating this a 5/5.

  • Capillus

The manufacturer says that you don’t have to buy anything, but you should if you want faster results. We understand that, but we see that the additional products are expensive as well so we’re giving them a 3/5 because of this.

Winner: iRestore is the winner in this category as well, which means that it leads 3 points.

Final Recount

The iRestore cap won 3 out of 4 sections, while the fourth one was a tie.

Capillus won 0 out of 4 sections, but the fourth one was a tie.


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Final Verdict – Irestore vs Capillus

Obviously, iRestore dominated over the small differences. There is not a dramatic difference between these, but the price says otherwise. You should really take into account these small things and weigh out whether you want to go bigger or not.

If you’re still not sure what to get after reading the battle of iRestore vs Capillus, make sure to check out some other professional reviews, but also user reviews.

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