Best Hot Hair Rollers [Complete Guide and Reviews]

The Best Hot Rollers for Long Hair

Hot rollers are a not-so-new trend that’s becoming hot (no pun intended) once again. You are probably familiar with the looks of nice rollers since there is a big chance your mother or grandma have used these before.

They were very popular, but they damaged the hair a lot. Today there are technologies like the ionic technology and the ceramic technology that prevent the hair from splitting or getting damaged.

Since they are all pretty similar and your mother/grandma can’t really help you with the new characteristics that just became popular, it can be tricky to find the right set for you. We have made our research when it comes to the best hot rollers and has created a list of the best ones out there. We will explain why each product is good and you can choose which one fits you the most.

After seeing the products, you will be able to find out a bit about them in the detailed text below. We will talk a bit about using and maintaining rollers, as well as their effect on our hair.


Best Hot Rollers

  1. Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo And Super Jumbo Rollers

Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo And Super Jumbo Hot Rollers

If you like to style your hair or you like to research hair products and equipment, you have probably heard of the company Conair. They are one of the most popular companies in the world when it comes to creating super affordable products and they always pay attention to your hair’s health.

This product works on ceramic-infused technology which means that the heat will transfer nicely and it will penetrate your hair from the inside, not dry it out from the outside. You will get long-lasting curls this way.

You get 12 rollers in the set and they are color-coded so you can see that the black ones (four of them) are the super jumbo rollers and the purple ones (eight of them) are jumbo. Obviously, you won’t be able to create small and firm curls. This device is for big, bouncy waves.

You will need only 85 seconds to start your work since the base heats the rollers up really quickly. The set is lightweight, compact and efficient. What are you waiting for?

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  1. Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter

Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter

Remington is a hair-product company that creates all kinds of products: from those that you can use only at home to those which you can use in your salon. This set is very affordable, but high-quality too.

For a great price, you are getting much more rollers than in the previous set: 20 of them. Keep in mind that those with thick hair usually need just about 15-20 rollers!

Thanks to the thermal wax core you are able to get long-lasting curls that will be in all shapes and sizes since you have three color-coded options as well.

The ionic conditioning makes sure that your hair will stay hydrated and that you won’t have to pay for treatments in order to fix the damage that heat products usually make. You are also getting hair clips that are color-coded, just like the rollers, because they are used with them. They will secure them and you will be able to move around without any issues.

The J-clips help your hair stay in place without making the “crease” that other clips tend to create.

The base has a little light that indicates when the heating process is done and you don’t have to worry about burning yourself since the rollers have cool touch ends! Safety first!

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  1. CHI Smart Magnify Medium Ceramic Rollers

CHI Smart Magnify Medium Ceramic Rollers

If you are looking for a fancy, easily transportable set that includes various accessories, you may have just found the one.

This CHI set is a set of 9 rollers, 9 butterfly clips and a beautiful, luxury-looking brown bag for transport.  The rollers are made from ceramic, which means that they work great thanks to the ionic technology which protects your hair and creates carefree curls.

These rollers are velvet-finished and, after you heat them up, they will hold the heat for 15 minutes! This means that even those with very thick and long hair can have beautiful curls that will hold the whole day!

Just 3 minutes are enough for the set to heat up and many people use these to achieve volume, as well as beautiful curls. People in the reviews are absolutely loving them: they say that the 1.25-inch size is just perfect for your everyday curl, as well as for a more formal look.

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  1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Roller Hairsetter

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Roller Hairsetter

BaBylissPRO is one of the most famous companies when it comes to hair products. They are famous worldwide and you can see a lot of their creations in professional salons. This set right here has been chosen by Amazon as one of the best options, and if you are wondering why, keep on reading.

This set contains a base, 20 rollers, 20 clips of different kinds and a place to store them in the base. It is a great deal and you are getting a product which works safely thanks to the infrared technology. Infrared heat penetrates deep into your hair and dries it without creating much damage.

You will see in any hot rollers review written below this product that people are really happy about the on/off button since many sets don’t include that and you have to plug the product in/out. The clips are color-coded and the top of each roller shows you when it is ready to be used.

There are 8 large, 6 medium and 6 small rollers as well as 20 butterfly and 20 previously mentioned color-coded clips.

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  1. INFINITIPRO by Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers

INFINITIPRO by Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers

This is another great set by Conair and this one works on Ionic technology as well. That means that the set won’t create any damage and that your hair won’t be frizzy when you are done styling it.

You can create various curls with this set. They can be in different sizes and of different kinds since you get different roller sizes. You get small, medium and large rollers in this 20-roller set and there are plastic clips as well. One plastic clip for each roller!

What is great about this set is that it has 12 temperature settings! It is pretty rare to see a base with this much of options and many people with thin and damaged hair like this because they can control the amount of heat they expose themselves to.

This set is great for all hair types and the base is really easy to work with. It has a retractable cord reel. It says on the page that 10 minutes is enough time for the rollers to cool down, but people claim that you may want to wait a bit more for a better effect.

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  1. Conair Instant Heat – Best Hot Rollers for Travel

Conair Instant Heat Travel Hot Rollers

This is one of those travel sets that you can use at work, at home, and during your trips. It’s one of those things that many women need to have, especially those who run a business and need to look good quickly in order to make a presentation, yet they need to get ready in a hotel.

In this set, you don’t get many rollers, you get only 5 jumbo rollers and clips for them. The thing is, this set is great for big curls and waves, but most women use it just to create volume and size! You will look effortlessly beautiful in just 15 minutes altogether.

Two minutes is enough for the set to heat up and you can use the rollers wherever you want, no worries about getting burned since the rollers have stay-cool end rings.

These work in dual voltage (120 and 240 volts) which is really important to those who travel a lot and even switch continents. The cord is 5-feet long which is enough for you to set it up at any hotel/home.

The base is very compact and it holds the rollers very firmly.

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  1. Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multi-Size Hair Rollers

Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multi-Size Hot Rollers

This set is a great choice for anyone who is trying to create curls of various sizes and styles. Conair created this hot roller set in order to show that you can still have a lot of rollers in a compact base.

You are getting 20 rollers of different sizes and 20 heated clips as well! They will hold the rollers secure so you can move without any trouble.

The dual heat is one of the most famous features of this set. If you haven’t realized it already, the clips are also getting heated and they will make the curls firmer.

The set works thanks to ceramic technology which means that your hair gets heated without any damage and you can easily create curls without making the hair frizzy. This is important for women with thick hair!

The rollers have cool ends which means that you cannot burn yourself. You are getting 8 jumbo rollers, 6 large rollers and six medium ones. If you have short hair, keep in mind that these may only create waves for you.

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  1. Revlon Perfect Hear Volume Builder Hairsetter Combo

Revlon Perfect Hear Volume Builder Hairsetter Combo


Revlon is one of those companies that you have to trust! They have been around for so long and they have been making their products better each year, thanks to the feedback of their users.

In this set, you are getting a modern base which heats up 20 rollers. They come in different sizes so you can create even more texture and volume!

With them, you are getting 12 hair clips that are made to grip and secure your hairstyle. These are great for beginners since you will be able to move around even if you didn’t fully secure the rollers yourself.

You get 4 root boosters that you leave in the hair to achieve instant volume. This is one of the best features for those who struggle with flat hair and thin hair.

The protective cover will be great for storage, but also for traveling.


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  1. Remington H1016 Compact Ceramic Worldwide Voltage Hair Setter

Remington H1016 Compact Ceramic Worldwide Voltage Hair Setter

As Remington is one of the leading world companies in hair styling, you will notice that they create products which seem like they are perfect for everyday use. Their trick is listening to the feedback of their audience and then upgrading their work.

These hair rollers are great to use when traveling since they are really easy to store. All 10 rollers fit into the case: there are 5 large and 5 medium rollers. The ionic technology used makes sure that your hair won’t get frizzy and that the hydration will remain good enough.

The worldwide voltage is great to use when abroad, so no worries with switching continents. You are getting j-clips as well: they will secure the rollers in your hair so you don’t have to worry about movements.

The cool-touch ends are great for people that are maybe beginners or just for those who want to be sade at all times. A minute and a half are just enough for this set to heat up and the storage case will make it easy to move it around with you.

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  1. Revlon Curls-to-Go 10 Piece of Rollers

Revlon Curls-to-Go 10 Piece Travel Hot Rollers

This is a great-looking simple set made by Revlon, one of the most famous beauty companies in the world. They made this hot roller set which includes 10 rollers of different sizes.

Each roller will let you know when it has heated up enough to be used thanks to the dot on the top which turns white. They should heat up at about the same time, but after many uses, you will maybe notice that some of them (especially those of different sizes) heat up earlier than the others.

The set has a dual voltage which is great for those who like to travel and need to have pretty, voluminous hair at all times. The travel case is also useful when it comes to moving around.

The tourmaline ionic technology that the set uses is a great way to create long lasting curls without creating any damage to the hair. The hair gets heated up from the inside and there won’t be any split ends created.

You can easily secure the rollers and just wait until they cool down, which depends on how much hair you have and how thick it is. People in the reviews say that you should let the rollers cool until they are completely “bland” to the touch.

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  1. Conair Instant Heat Compact Hair Rollers

Conair Instant Heat Compact Hot Rollers

This is the last set by Conair that we will cover, but also the last one of the list. It is a really nice set with pink rollers and a black case included.

The ceramic technology that it works on will help the heat move faster and it will distribute better in your hair. The whole system takes a few minutes to heat up so you don’t have to wait for a long time and you can continue your makeup while the rollers are cooling down.

You are getting 12 rollers in the set: 8 darker ones (they are large) and 4 brighter ones (they are smaller). You are also getting clips to use for securing the rollers and helping the hairstyle look more elegant: no creases.

This set works on dual voltage which means that you can travel around with it, even switch continents. The travel case is also really helpful when it comes to movement.

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F.A.Q. About Hot Hair Rollers


How hot rollers work?

Now you are maybe wondering, how do the hot hair rollers work? What is the secret behind the beautiful curls and luscious waves many women achieve thanks to these?

First, let’s talk about hair a bit. Hair is made out of proteins. The main one is keratin, but there are also other proteins that you may find listed in biology books. However, the important thing for us is to know that proteins can change their 3D shape.

Hair rollers

This can happen due to chemicals, dyes and high heat. Rollers are essentially just regular rollers that distribute heat over your hair and you don’t have to blow dry your hair on your own.

You have the base and you have the rollers. The base is the so-called container where the rollers are and it is plugged in so it works on electrical energy. The heat that it creates is distributed amongst the rollers and while they are hot, you put them in your hair and wrap the hair around.

After that you wait for them to cool down. They are distributing heat all over the hair and changed the protein temporarily so your hair is left in the beautiful wavy state.

Do rollers damage hair?

This used to be a really popular question back in the day. Hair rollers used to work without any additional technology and they weren’t really good for your hair. Nowadays, the advancement is really showing itself and there are things like ceramic, ionic, tourmaline and infrared technology.

Do rollers damage hair

Rollers don’t create any damage to the hair as long as you are using proper hair products between the uses. Try to look for a hair mousse, a hairspray, some hair masks, and a healthy shampoo.

Changing the proteins in your hair every single day can create frizziness, but don’t expect split ends. That’s not the type of damage these can make.

Types of hot rollers

There are a lot of ways to differentiate  rollers. You can split them up by their size, by the quantity, by their base, by the voltage, by the grip, by the clips and so on… However, the most important thing is the technology they work on.

Ionic hot hair rollers

Ceramic hot rollers

Ceramic rollers are made of ceramic, obviously, and this material handles heat really well. It is also your regular go-to when it comes to any hair product (don’t go for aluminum) since it glides over the hair. There won’t be any breaking or split ends because it is very gentle on the hair.

Tourmaline Rollers

Tourmaline, on the other hand, is a crystal boron silicate mineral. It helps the hair get a smooth look and it emits negative ions. These ions cancel out the positive ones that are usually in damaged hair. Tourmaline can help you with frizzy hair and with dry hair as well, and it is usually added to ceramic or titanium plates. This is what we call the ionic technology.

Infrared Technology Rollers

Infrared technology is something else and it’s even better for the hair. This method dries the hair from the inside out and the outer part, which is exposed to more damage (chemicals, UV) is preserved. This helps hair contain the moisture it has and the negative ions draw oils inside the shaft to the very top of the strand which moistures it.

How to use hot hair rollers

Hot rollers are easy to use and we will explain the whole process to you in steps so you can follow them without any doubts. You begin with dry or slightly wet hair. The process will work best on dry hair that has been treated as the steps shown.

  1. Split the hair the way you would regularly do it: create a part. Women like to go for a deep side part when they create curls, just because it usually looks better than a centered one. If you will go for a certain hairstyle later, make sure to part your hair in the way that it fits the style since changing the part later can look a bit weird. The hair will already change in shape.
  2. Create sections. Depending on the number of rollers you have, split the hair into sections that will be big/small enough to fit on the roller without falling off. You will maybe need 6 sections, you will maybe need 10 and maybe 20. It all depends on your hair’s thickness.How to use hot rollers
  3. Put hair products in. Some women like to use mousse and some like to use oils. The important thing is that you don’t use any powder. If you wish, you can use a heat protectant, but it isn’t needed. Some women like to use them because they also make the hair smooth and shiny.
  4. Roll up. Take the roller and place it vertically. Put the bottom of the hair around the roller and start to roll the roller up to the scalp. Make sure that there are no bumps and lumps and that the hair won’t be all frizzy and knotted when you take the roller out.
  5. Secure it. When you are done with the rolling, use the clip and secure the strand of hair you have just rolled up. You will maybe get a butterfly clip with the set or maybe the regular stainless steel clip. You will probably need a bit of practice to learn which angle is the best one when inserting the clip for optimal security.
  6. Spray. You can use a bit of hairspray right away, but don’t go for too much. This step will just help the rollers hold in better. If you wish, you can skip this step. Women that are professionals with the clips, those who know how to secure the rollers, don’t use hairspray at this stage.
  7. Wait for them to cool down. After the rollers are cool, you can take them out. Take one out and release the curl. You can test if they are cool by touching them (just make sure you are not being too ambitious and you put the finger on the roller too early), by measuring time or by following the instructions on the box.
  8. Styling. Many women like to go for a hairspray now, but they spray it after they run their fingers through the locks. It is not recommended to brush the hair! You can use a comb with wide teeth to style the locks, but don’t use a regular brush or a combing brush. The best way to create beach waves would be to flip the hair upside down and then “mash it up a bit”.

That’s it. You can put the curls in a bun, in a ponytail or just wear them down and flaunt your hair everywhere! You can use bows, clips, bandanas and all sorts of popular accessories women like to use to make their hair look better.

How do you wash your rollers

This is a question many women came up with after the used the rollers a few times and now they want to be sure that they are being hygienic with the whole thing.

How do you wash hot rollers

Rollers cannot be washed when they are hot. You need to take them out of the base and take a damp towel. You can wipe the rollers to get the chemicals off (if you use hair products) and then you can wipe them again with a dry towel.

After the process of cleaning, they should not be wet and they should not have any cloth left on them. If they do, you will notice it when you are heating them up because that part will start to burn and will probably have a particular smell.

Don’t use any chemicals on the rollers because you can ruin the surface that works thanks to certain technologies that we have previously written about. It’s best to use water only. If they smell weird and you really want to do something about it, a good idea would probably be to use some type of hair oil on the dry, cool surface.

You will have to rub it in the roller and wipe it off before you are heating it the next time. If any small amounts stay present, there shouldn’t be much trouble, but try to get the oil off if possible.

How long do hot hair rollers take to heat up


This depends on the model itself. Each model will be different. Some of them take 90 seconds to heat up and some of them take 15 minutes. The thing is, the box often says a number too low or too high.

If your box does not have the indicator light, you can test the rollers yourself easily. Put a strand of hair on the roller and then put the roller back down. Now you should feel the hair with your fingers. The amount of heat (temperature) that you are feeling should be somewhere in between hot and really hot.

The hair will always be cooler than the roller, which means that the

roller is at its highest peak. You shouldn’t wait until the set starts to steam, or something similar, that shouldn’t happen at all.



Now that you know everything you need to about hair rollers, you can surely say which set would be the right one for you. Rollers are the new hot thing and although we cannot tell you which one of these are the best hot rollers since they are pretty similar and it all depends on your hair type and your length, we can tell you that investing in one of these is a pretty good idea.

Pay attention to the way they are used and make sure that you are following the steps correctly before you blame the set for weak curls. Give the set a few tries and get a refund if it looks like something is wrong.

Make sure to get a set that has the right technology! Our pro tip would be to split your hair into “roller sections”. Before you are buying the roller so you can know will 10, 12 or 20 rollers be enough for you. The case may be that you will need even more rollers… Who knows?

Pay attention to the products and enjoy your new curls.