Best Wall Mounted Hair Dryers [Guide & Reviews]

Having a wall mounted hair dryer isn’t a luxury anymore. Back at the time when these weren’t popularly outside hair salons, you couldn’t get a high-quality one unless you paid a huge amount of cash for it. A wall hair dryer is now something that anyone can get and it is becoming more popular as people buy them and spread the word about them.

We will talk about advantages and disadvantages of a wall mount dryer and will present you a list where you will find the best wall mounted hair dryer for yourself.
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Advantages of wall mounted hair dryers

Any luxury salon knows that buying one of these is a great investment. You’re probably wondering why would it be good to get a wall mounted hair dryer when you’re limiting your movement and you can’t bring the dryer to another room?

You’ll be safe

Well, not everyone is a fan of these, but they are a great way to make sure your loved ones will be safe using a hair dryer. If you mount them far away from the water, there is no possibility that one could get in contact with it.

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No more missing hair dryers

Also, those who tend to lose things and don’t have a small, hotel hair dryer, can easily benefit by getting one of these. You’ll always be sure where it is!

Lighter and more compact

If you think about it, these are usually lighter too.  A wall mounted dryer needs to be compact to fit into the fixated part, so you’re (your hands, actually) getting a rest.

They save space

You can get that extra cabinet counter or an extra drawer that you could use for something else! We often don’t have much “horizontal space” in our rooms because they are already filled with so many things, but we don’t think about the walls, our “vertical space”. You can fill the gaps yourself, literally!
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Best wall mounted hair dryers

How to pick the best wall mounted hair dryer

First, we will focus on regular things that interest when it comes to any hair dryer, not a wall hanging hair dryer only. You need to be sure that the strength (in Watts, of course) is enough for your hair type. Those who have thin and weak hair don’t want to use too much power.

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The technology integrated into the product is also very important. If you’re especially specific about your hair’s health, ionic technology, keratin coating, and infrared heat may be something to focus on.

The weight of the product, the design and the feel are also pretty beneficial.

However, since we are talking about a wall mounted hair dryer for bathroom, it would be important to check out the length of the wire too! You want to be able to move nicely, without any issues.

If you’re not feeling like spending a bunch of time researching about this topic, we made a list for you. We read a bunch of articles and reviews and concluded which specifications are the most important ones, so we picked out products that fit them.
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The best wall mounted hair dryers


  1. Conair Wallmount 1600 Watt Hair Dryer

Conair Wallmount 1600 Watt Hair Dryer

Conair is one of the most popular manufacturers when it comes to hair products. They always put a lot of effort to create hair dryers that fit everyone.

This particular model works on 1600 Watts and is compact: it fits in every bathroom, maybe even a bedroom. The wall mount is made to hold the product securely in place. It looks very stylish and is easily cleaned.

The dryer has a removable filter and it always thinks about your safety! When you put the dryer into the wall mount, it shuts off instantly and there is no fear about any malfunctions.

There are 2 heat and speed settings and the product features a 6′ coil cord. If you’re someone who likes to get ready pretty late, don’t worry, the LED night light will guide you.

  1. Oster Tourmaline Wall Mount Hair Dryer

Oster Tourmaline Wall Mount Hair Dryer

This is a typical 1200/1500 Watt hair dryer that has a really ergonomic design made in order to save your space. If you’re feeling like you could use an extra drawer, getting this could maybe free one up for you.

It has 2 power settings and it shuts off when you put it in the wall mount to ensure your safety. The cord is 6 ft long, which means that you have a lot of room to work with.

If you want, you can easily clean the filter screen, it’s very simply made.

One of the best things about this product is that it comes with the mounting brackets and the screws. Some companies seem to forget about this, which is pretty silly.

  1. Andis 1600 Watt Quiet Wall Mounted Hangup Hair Dryer

Andis 1600 Watt Quiet Wall Mounted Hangup Hair Dryer

Andis is one of those companies that really makes sure you’ll stay safe while using their products. This particular model they made is a wall-mounted piece with LED lights.

It has built-in lifeline shock protection with 3 position switches and 2 heat and air settings. This means that you can stay 100% safe while doing your hairstyle at your preferred temperature.

The metal mounting plate secures the whole thing really well and the cord storage is something that Andis always includes. This is pretty important for those who have kids at home.

The long-lasting electronic light works for long periods of time and it is also energy efficient so you’ll save money with it!

It works on 1600 Watts and is pretty lightweight. The design is very simple and elegant as well, it fits in almost every bathroom.

  1. Sunbeam HD3003-001 1500 Watt Wall Mount Hair Dryer

Sunbeam HD3003-001 1500 Watt Wall Mount Hair Dryer

Instead of just caring about your hair, this wall hanging hair dryer makes sure that you save money too! It works on dual wattage so you choose which one fits you more: 1500 Watts or 1200 Watts.

There are 3 speed and heat settings, along with a cool shot button. This is really important for those who like to lock their hairstyle in and want to make sure that their beautiful curls stay present during the day.

This product really takes care of your hair thanks to the ionic technology that hydrates it from the inside: no more breaking. The quiet motor works on its own shuts off on its own too! If you put the dryer in the mount, it stops working on its own, but you can turn it off with the switch as well.

This wall hair dryer has LED night lights too! What more do you need?

  1. ProVersa JWM6CF Wall Caddy Hair Dryer

ProVersa JWM6CF Wall Caddy Hair Dryer

This is a powerful, convenient hair dryer you will easily fall in love with. It includes two-speed settings and three-speed settings so you get to choose how much pressure and warmth you will put on your hair.

There is an ALCI safety plug which the manufacturer put in only to ensure your safety. The auto-off feature is also something you’ll find useful, especially when you have kids around.

You get a 1-year limited warranty with this product, but there should be no issue because the air and lint filter is removable and it provides healthy and clean usage.

1600 Watts will be more than enough for you to dry your hair efficiently. Many people enjoy the stylish look of this dryer, too, so they decide to put it in visible places instead of trying to hide it.

  1. Belson Profiles Spa Ionic Tourmaline Wall Mount Dryer

Belson Profiles Spa Ionic Tourmaline Wall Mount Dryer

If you’re looking for something a little bit fancier, you may want to check this product out. It has a removable air intake grille, it works on 2-speed settings and 2 heat settings so you can decide which ones fit your hair type the best.

The automatic shut-off feature helps you stay safe and sound, no issues with kids playing around either. However, this model is also focused on your health so you get to dry your hair with tourmaline conditioning to ensure the hydration.

The 8-feet coil cord is a bit longer than the average so you could find it useful in terms of movement. This is pretty important to people that enjoy multitasking!



  1. Conair 687-134BW

Conair 687-134BW

We’re talking about a Conair wall mount hair dryer here, which means that you can expect high quality.

This one works on two speeds and works on 125 V so beware if you don’t use a converter!

It has a LED nightlight which guides you if there is any trouble at night. The 6-foot cord leaves you with enough space to move comfortably, and the ALCI safety plug is making sure that you stay secure while using your favorite hair dryer.

The mounting hardware is included which is pretty essential, especially to those who are in a rush. People are a big fan of this one and they claim that it saves a bunch of space and makes their lives a lot easier.

  1. Interhasa! 1200 W Wall Mount Hair Dryer

Interhasa! 1200 W Wall Mount Hair Dryer

If you’re looking for something a bit different, this may be the one to go for. It’s made out of high-quality ABS which doesn’t deform even when working with really high temperatures.

1200 Watts will be more than enough for a regular wall mount blow dryer, although this one is considered to be a hotel hair dryer.

You can choose the warmth of the air so you don’t get heat damage.

There is a microswitch button and the dual power protection prevents overheating. You may have seen this in apartments and hotel rooms because it is a classic model that owners like to go for. It’s a bit more pricey than the rest, but it is worth the money.


We may not be able to tell you what the best wall mounted hair dryer is because we don’t know your personal preferences and the way you like to use a wall mounted hair dryer, but we promise you that any piece on this list will be useful to you!

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It doesn’t matter which one you pick out, all of the models on the list passed our basic criteria. However, when buying a wall hair dryer, you first need to take a look at your bathroom and see what model fits visually, compare the stats and then buy one. Good luck!


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