Best Standing Hair Dryers For 2020 [Reviews and Guides]

You’ve probably seen these in a favorite, luxury hair salon. A standing hair dryer can be really helpful to a stylist because it saves time and energy. However, can it be useful for a home? What should you know about them before buying them? Let us tell you.

Best standing hair dryers

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Advantages of free standing hair dryers

It may be weird and awkward to have one of these at home, you might think, but it’s actually trendy to get these at home if you have a luxury bathroom or you just want to feel luxury.

Multitasking isn’t an issue

The best thing about these is that, when you have a professional standing hair dryer, you can do anything while you are drying your hair. Reading magazines, doing your nails and makeup are just a few things that you can do.

They are portable as well

People believe that if they get a standing hair dryer they have to do their hair in the same place each time. This is one of the reasons why people choose a regular hair dryer instead, but little do they know that you can actually move these anywhere!

Most of them have high technology implemented in them

Because they are usually put in salons, most of them use exceptional types of drying. They use various techniques that prevent damage, some of them being the ionic technology or infrared technology.

They are very durable

Because of their size, they need to be sturdy and are made from high-quality material. They can be moved around with no fear, and therefore you can be sure that you’ll use one of these standing hair dryers for years!

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Free standing hair dryer

How to pick the best standing hair dryer

We know that people aren’t really familiar with all of the things that are listed in the specifications of a specific product and that’s why we decided to help you out a bit and show you the most important things one should look for when buying a salon standing hair dryer.

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The first thing to check out is, of course, the strength of the product. What you need depends on your hair type and we would suggest you to use a lower Wattage if you have thin or damaged hair.

Various settings are critical because you want to be able to create a personalized experience. If you feel like your hair needs a lower temperature today, you need to be able to switch it up. That’s why it is so important.

When it comes to the standing hair dryer, it’s important that you can change the height of it and that the cord is long enough for you to be able to put it anywhere. These things are often forgotten, but they remain very important.

The design may also benefit to the purchase, but it shouldn’t be a „make or break” information. However, it would be very useful if the dryer had a rolling base, so you could move it around as you walk around!

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The best standing hair dryers

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  1. Professional 1300W Adjustable Hooded Floor Hair Bonnet Dryer

Professional standing hair dryer

This is a pretty classic model, one you can’t go wrong with. It’s a professional piece for a reasonable price and you can use it to hot-perm, to dry your hair and to do some touch-ups too. The hood has hinged hood door and the front visor is customizable, which is really important.

The depth of the hood is 20“ which should be enough for everyone, even those who use rollers and similar accessories. This professional standing dryer also has dual-looped stainless steel heating elements, along with a multi-bladed fan.

You can customize the experience as much as you want because the temperature can be changed from 0° to 75°. You can also set the time interval of drying up to 60 minutes which is too much for anyone but can be useful if you are really trying to lock a hairstyle.

The portable design with wheels is useful for those who want to move around. The height can be changed too so you can customize the experience.

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  1. Salon Sundry Professional Bonnet Style Dryer

Salon Sundry Professional Bonnet Style Dryer

If you’re looking for something that won’t let you down, this particular model is made of durable tinted acrylic and is, therefore, a great choice.

The opening is 10×9 inches big so you can fit in it without any issues, even if you have some special rollers on. It works on 1000 Watts which is not the highest power, but it still does a great job because of the mechanism.

The stainless steel heating element works along with a multi-bladed fan to create a magical duo that will transform your hair whenever you feel like it. The pedestal base can be adjusted when it comes to the height of the dryer, so you get to choose which one fits you (and the chair you are on) the best.

You can adjust the time and the temperature for an optimal experience.

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      1. OUR TOP PICK –

    Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri 1100W Salon Dryer

  1. Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri 1100W Salon Dryer

Pibbs salon standing hair dryer

This Italian manufacturer made sure that you love their dryer by creating one that is CE certified. The quality is not questionable and this 1100 Watt strong machine works with a voltage between 110 and 125 volts.

It is fully adjustable (regarding to the height and the movement), along with the dryer head that can be moved if needed. You set the timer yourself and the biggest interval that can be used is 60 minutes. The temperature can also be controlled really easily, which is important to those who have sensitive hair.

The base has 5 wheels and is very high-quality. However, the manufacturer says that you can’t use a hair net with this dryer, so beware if you like to use it.

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  1. Gold N Hot Elite 1875 Watt Dryer

Gold N Hot Elite 1875 Watt Dryer

This hair dryer is one of the strongest models on this list. It works thanks to the remarkable 1875 Watts and has a removable air intake grille. This duo will help you achieve any hairstyle you wish to accomplish with no trouble whatsoever.

The Ionic generator helps the dryer to work with very healthy technology and therefore your hair will stay glossy and shiny. The On/Off switch is really easy to manage and there are 4 styling settings that one should check out too.

Besides the technology that this free standing hair dryer has, it is also tourmaline infused and has an adjustable bonnet attached to a 10 ft cord which is perfect for easy movement.

This model is pretty cheap for the quality you get and is one of our favorites on this list.

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  1. Giantex Adjustable Hood Floor Hair Bonnet Dryer

Giantex Adjustable Hood Floor Hair Bonnet Dryer

Although it is probably one of the cheapest pieces on this list, it is surely not the one with the worst quality! It is made with a highly-portable design and you can move it around with the wheels, even carry it if you wish since it is pretty lightweight.

You can easily adjust the height of it which is pretty helpful because we are not all the same and we use various chairs too! You can use this piece for different things: you can lock hairstyles with it or just dry your hair the regular way. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay attention to the drying process itself.

The time and the temperature are all set by you and you can use up to 60 minutes of drying on 60°C as the highest option possible. The company offers a refund for unsatisfied customers, which says a lot about them: they are willing to help you and you are the most important factor in the purchase.

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  1. D Salon Portable Professional Hair Dryer

D Salon Portable Professional Hair Dryer

This is also one of the more classic models. It works on 980 Watts (880 Watts if it is working on 110 Volts). The opening of the dryer hood is 10×9 inches big, which should be enough for anyone who uses accessories too.

The adjustable timer and the adjustable temperature along with various fan settings let you have a really personalized experience.

The hood itself can be adjusted to be anywhere from 50 to 64 inches tall. It all depends on you and what you usually find comfortable.

People also claim that the setup is really easy because the instructions are really straight-forward and logical to follow.


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  1. Orbiting Infrared Hair Dryer

Orbiting Infrared standing Hair Dryer

This is probably one of the most unusual products on the list. It is a special dryer that has a circular orbiting drying piece which works with infrared technology to dry hair from the inside.

It helps your hair stay healthy and retain all of the moisture: it won’t be frizzy and awkward after drying.

The whole setting is very adjustable: the height can be changed, the angle of the tilt as well, you can even rotate the entire upper part.

It works on regular characteristics of 110 Volts, 60 Hz and 1300 Watts which is pretty powerful. However, there are no worries that your hair will get damaged because this technology keeps it healthy while using any temperature.

It is a bit pricey, but people enjoy using it and say that it’s really easy to work with it.

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  1. Venus Plus Bonnet Hair Dryer

Venus Plus Bonnet Hair Dryer

Although it is a bit unusual looking, this particular hair dryer is one of the most popular ones to be used at professional salons. It works on 980 Watts which is the gold standard and it can reach a temperature of 140°F.

If you usually use a dryer for perm processing or for cooling down and locking in a hairstyle, you’ll have no trouble with this one because it is adaptable to all of the mentioned things. It is really made to help you get the perfect hair with no struggle.

It’s made of high quality steel and it will serve you for many years, no matter what products you use, because it is resistant to chemicals. It’s UL and CSA approved as well.

You’ll have no trouble with the hood which is 15 inches wide (the outside diameter). It is usually made to be installed in the back of a chair, but you can get pieces that help you put it on a wall.

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  1. Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard-Hat Dryer

Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard-Hat Dryer

Babyliss is one of the most popular companies when it comes to hair products of all kind. They take special care of their customers.

The BaBylissPRO dryer is made to work with ionic technology which helps your hair retain moisture. This means that you can forget about frizzy, damaged hair with no shine.

It works on 2000 Watts which is a remarkable strength for a dryer like this and it isn’t even loud! The noise reduction system it has helps it stay quiet and you can actually plug in an MP3 or a smartphone so you listen to music while drying. Isn’t that amazing?

You choose between 2 speed settings and 3 temperature settings which will help you customize the time you are spending on drying your hair. The inlet grille is removable and the airflow diffuser is adjustable.

You don’t have to work too hard to assemble it since the instructions that come along with it are pretty straight-forward. 2 locking wheels help you secure the dryer in place, which is pretty important too.

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  1. BR Beauty Meredith 880W Salon Hair Dryer

BR Beauty Meredith 880W Salon Hair Dryer

This is a really simple, yet professional standing hair dryer that works on 880 Watts, the golden standard for these types of dryers.

You can fully adjust the height, as well as the settings like timer and temperature. Something that BR also put in this model is the option to choose the fan speed and this lets you personalize the experience even more.

The wheels make it very easy to move the whole thing around and the base is very sturdy so you’ll have no worries about breaking it.

The inside diameter of the hood is 11“ which should be enough for anyone with accessories.


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  1. Best Choice Products Commercial Hair Steamer

Best Choice Products Commercial Hair Steamer

This one looks a bit different than the others and it is a bit cheaper too, but that doesn’t tell you much about the statistics.

It works on extra low noise which is phenomenal, especially for those who enjoy to multitask and maybe listen to music or watch videos.

You can use the Wind and Heat velocity switch to make the whole experience more personal, but if you forget to turn the dryer off, don’t worry. This company made sure you stay safe and created a mechanism that helps the dryer turn off on its own if you don’t use it anymore.

It works on 650 Watts and 110 Volts, 60 Hz. This means that you’ll need a converter if this does not fit you. The dryer hood diameter is a bit bigger than the rest, 14″ and the height can be adjusted anywhere from 30″ to 51″ which is pretty important.

However, this isn’t just a regular dryer, it is a steamer. This means that it helps oils penetrate into the hair and keep it glossy!
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The list above is full of very different and interesting standing hair dryer options. We can’t really tell you what the best standing hair dryer is, although we did tell you which ones are our favorites because you have to choose the product according to your personal preference.

Focus on your hair type and what your bathroom allows (space-wise) and then consult the list. Don’t be afraid to spend a bit more cash on a high-quality product because we are sure that it’s going to serve you very well.