[Review] Sedu Revolution 4000i Hair Dryer

The Sedu Revolution 4000i Hair Dryer is perfect for all hair types. It is two types of hair dryer in one. First, it is an ionic hair dryer, which makes it suitable for thick or frizzy hair that can be more challenging to dry. Secondly, it is a ceramic hair dryer, for those with fine or dry hair.

The technology behind the Sedu uses negative ions so that your hair doesn’t go frizzy. You will find your hair drying time can be reduced by up to 70%. It has been designed to dry hair with 90% less frizz.

Sedu Revolution 4000i Hair Dryer

Sedu Revolution 4000i Review

What is included in the pack?

While it doesn’t come with a diffuser, you will receive the main body of the hairdryer, a detachable nozzle, and a thinner detachable nozzle. You can choose between the black model or the white model.

Sedu Hair Dryer- Overview of features:

Sedu Revolution 4000i Hair Dryer

It’s a very powerful hair dryer with an 1875 watt motor, the same power many professionals choose to use. With this high wattage, the motor will last longer than a hair dryer with lower wattage.

There are six-speed settings that will easily dry any hair. It has a great ‘cool-shot’ button that will seal the hair cuticles to keep your style in place for longer. The Sedu hair dryer is hand-made in France.

Lower speed settings should be used for fine/thin hair. If your hair is normal, you can choose the medium setting, and for those with thick/coarse hair, you can select a higher heat. As well as the heat settings, you can adjust the speed of the airflow. There is an additional switch to turn off the ions.

Things you will like:

Sedu Revolution 4000i functions

  • Appearance- it’s stylish and conveniently small. It’ weighs just 1.2lbs, which makes it incredibly easy to use.
  • Function- whether your hair is fine, long, short, or frizzy, the Sedu will dry your hair in less time than many other hair dryers. It will also help to untangle your hair as well as leaving it silky smooth.
  • Benefits for your hair- as it dries your hair so quickly, you will probably notice less damage and you may even find your hair grows quicker.

Things you may not like:

  • The price- it is an expense model, plus you have to pay extra if you want the two-year warranty.


Sedu Revolution 4000i Hair Dryer Comparison

In order to see how good the Sedu hair dryer is, we have compared it to three other similar dryers that are on the market at the moment.
The comparison table is below!

Sedu Revolution 4000i vs Alpha Power Hair Dryer

This is also an ionic and ceramic hair dryer that provides up to 30% more heat. It has been designed by high tech engineers, so not only is it effective, but also the motor will last for 40% longer. While advertised as lightweight, it is still double the weight of the Sedu. It also comes with two nozzles. However, there are only 4 settings compared, high and low. Each of these can be used with high-speed airflow or low-speed airflow.

Sedu Revolution 4000i vs Parlux Power-Light

The good thing about this hair dryer is that it is built from recycled materials and it is energy efficient. On quite a downside, it has been known to spark, which you really don’t expect when you pay almost the same amount as the Sedu.

  • It has fewer settings that the Sedu, so it may not dry some hair types as well.
  • It is said to leave you with static-free hair.
  • It comes with two detachable nozzles.

One thing you would appreciate is the built-in silencer, reducing the noise of the motor.

Sedu Revolution 4000i vs Gammapiù Più

This Italian made hair dryer seems to have all the right technology. It has the same speed features, the cold air shot button, and two detachable nozzles. It will reduce frizz by up to 70%. Airspeed can reach 119 miles per hour with a maximum heat of up to 273ºF. The intelligent heat technology means hair dries from the inside out, keeping it shinier and healthier. A two-year warranty is included. Despite the technology, it doesn’t seem to dry hair as efficiently as other leading brands. It is also rather heavy when you compare it to the Sedu.

In Conclusion

There are many hair dryers on the market, but not many seem to have the best features. It is always better to buy a hairdryer with more settings, It will give you more styling options and it will look after your hair better.

If you have coarse hair and it generally takes you longer to dry your hair, you need a lightweight model. The Sedu Revolution 4000i Hair Dryer, at just 1.2lbs, will allow you to use the hairdryer at any angle without having to switch hands.

Nowadays, most models have negative ions to help you style your hair as well as drying it. Most people wouldn’t pay attention to this detail, but if you are a bit of a pro, you will like the fact that you can turn this feature off when you need to.

It’s one thing to advertise a product as reducing frizz and extra shine. The Sedu really does reduce the frizz in your hair. You will notice how soft it is afterward. Using this hairdryer over some of the other options we have seen is going to make your hair feel and look healthier.

Yes, it is more expensive and it would be nice if Sedu included the warranty without the extra cost, but in the case of the Sedu hair dryer,  you are paying for a quality hair dryer.

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