Best Hair Dryers for Natural Hair 2019 [Guide and Reviews]

There is a lot of hair products out there on the market and it can be a complicated thing to find those that fit you. A big percentage of these is made for people with some sort of a unique trait or a problem, but what is up with us who have natural hair? We are here to let you know how you can find the best hairdryers for natural hair since that can be an issue too.

So many choices and it all looks the same, but in reality, you have to be very specific. The hair is something you can ruin easily by using wrong things and wrong routines. We are pretty sure you don’t want to end up cutting your hair short because the split ends and the damage got out of control.

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best hair dryers for natural hair

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How to pick the best dryer for natural hair?

We have done a lot of research on this because your hair (just like any other part of your body) is something that’s very personal to you and therefore it is very important. Not a lot of people feel like gambling with these things, especially after they’ve previously encountered a bad product, like a bad blow dryer for natural hair.

After finding out how hair works, how damage happens and how to prevent it, we came to the conclusion that hair products are much more complicated than we thought, and it’s really not easy to find the perfect blow dryer for natural hair, since most of the people buying hair products already have an issue with their hair.
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Heat damage is something that hurts the proteins in your hair, especially keratin. People with naturally curly hair have more sulfur in their molecules and their protein structures that build the hair are different. Sadly, this wonderful look can be ruined by a lousy blow dryer and that’s why it’s important to have a blow dryer with diffuser for natural hair looks.

The diffuser spreads the heat and therefore there is less damage to the hair because the proteins are left untouched.

The question “what is the best blow dryer for natural hair?” is hard to answer because everyone is different and people have preferences, but the things that usually do the trick are the great design, diffuser, safety mechanisms, various extra options, and controls.

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Extra troubles meet girls of African American descent. Their hair is beautiful and luxurious, but often very hard to maintain. How can you find the best blow dryer for natural black hair? Well, a high-quality one will do for any type of hair, but you need to be ready to make an investment.

Let us show you the products that we picked. We searched through Amazon and compared the statistics, reviews, and functions to gather a list of those we think are worth your time and money. Our first priority was safety and your health!

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The best hair dryers for natural hair

We are not listing them in order from best to worst or vice versa. We think that all of them would make a great, practical thing to have. It’s up to you to see which blow dryer for natural hair do you find good.
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Solano SuperSolano Professional Hair Dryer

Solano SuperSolano Professional Hair Dryer

Used by many professionals, as the very title says, this product can work at a very high velocity and will save your time by giving you that quick “full of volume”, rich look. It is very powerful, but very quiet, which proves that the quality is great. For those with thick and long hair, don’t worry: it’s pretty lightweight so you won’t stress your biceps too much!

Functions included are the cold-shot button and ceramic parts that distribute heat so you won’t get any damage. This 1875-watt Italian piece of art makes the perfect gift for someone who likes to do their hair often but doesn’t want to suffer the damage that comes with it.



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OUR TOP PICK – Elchim Classic 2001 Dryer 

Elchim Classic 2001 Dryer

Elchim Classic 2001 Dryer for natural hair

This one is a pure classic: Italian production, wonderful looks. It works on two speeds which is great for those quick and gentle touch-ups, but it has a compression technology that can create such tension in the air that the power drastically goes up.

It’s very popular because of its motor. Many people are afraid of buying pricey appliances like these because they are afraid that they will stop working and that the money (that could’ve been invested in a cheaper model) will be wasted.

However, you can see this product in the hands of many popular hair stylists who swear by it saying that it’s the best blow dryer for natural hair.


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T3 – Cura Hair Dryer

T3 – Cura Hair Dryer

For all of you stylish people out there that want to feel true luxury on their hair, this is the one, believe us. The “Gucci” looking design tells it all, but the specifications and the mechanisms of this piece are fantastic as well!

This is a really good blow dryer for natural hair since the airflow is wider and, although there is more air for a quicker smooth finish, your hair won’t get damaged because the warmth will spread evenly. This means that the shine stays and your hair won’t puff up that much.

Because of the built-in ion generators, you’ll easily get the luxurious smooth finish you always wanted. Say goodbye to frizzy hair and thank negative ions!

You can use 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings, depending on your time and patience. The long life motor and quiet operation are just some of the things that make this product great, along with a drying concentrator and a styling concentrator. What should we say? The future is now.


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Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer

Just like the previous model, this one works with the built-in ion generators and helps the hair achieve that smooth, luxurious look. This is especially important to those with curly or frizzy hair, since they can easily end up having a huge (literally) problem after blow drying their hair.

The air flow of this model hydrates the hair and gives it a glossy look. Forget about static electricity that low-quality blow dryers cause, this one has ionic ceramic system which makes you immune to this sort of trouble.

And although it is a bit heavier than the rest of the models, this doesn’t create an issue since you’ll be done before you know it thanks to the high-quality technology in this device.


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Twin Turbo 3800

Twin Turbo 3800

Negative ions play a part here too, again making this product perfect for those with frizzy and curly hair. The negative ions working with the ceramics help the hair get the healthy, shiny finish.

Two speeds and 4 temperatures can be used at low-noise. Your bills will start to look better too, because this particular model saves energy by drying your hair extra quick. The 2100 Watt motor is one of the strongest ones out there, but it’s safe because there is a safety thermostat!

It’s extremely high-quality when it comes to material and the nozzles are unbreakable. You’ll be glad to hear that it is also ozone friendly, especially if you live that sort of a lifestyle.


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BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

The best way to be sure about a product’s quality is to be sure about the brand’s quality. BaByliss is one of the most popular brands for hair styling tools out there and you’ve surely heard of it.

When making this product, they decided to go stronger with the power, reaching 2000 watts. Unlike other styling products, this one comes with 6 heat/speed settings! It has a cold shot button and a concentrator nozzle, just like others.

It weighs a bit more than the average one, but it is mostly the motor that causes this. We will forgive the manufacturer, though, because that very motor helps you blow your hair in a few minutes!



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BIO IONIC Whisper Light Pro-Dryer

BIO IONIC Whisper Light Pro-Dryer

By the very name of this product, you can already tell that it is all about that healthy NanoIonic Hybrid Mineral Technology, right?

This one is really practical: doesn’t weigh much, is quite fast and pretty quiet. Just like the other models with this technology, it will help to hydrate your hair and get that shiny look instead of the blunt frizzy one.

The micronized water molecules will leave a silky touch and, just like the owner of this brand (a professional hair stylist imagined, will make this a perfect choice for those who need a professional styling tool with advanced technology.



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T3 – Featherweight Compact Folding Hair Dryer

T3 – Featherweight Compact Folding Hair Dryer

If you thought that you couldn’t get excellent strength with a smaller dryer, you were wrong. This model is made in a compact size and it weighs very little, but it can create various styles, just like the bigger models.

Don’t stress your hands anymore and get this practical dryer that is easily one of the best ones for trips too! It has a folding handle and will fit in every suitcase or bag. If you like to have your dryer with you for, you know, special occasions, this one is a perfect choice.

It has the advanced airflow technology and dries very fast without making your hair weak and damaged. The moisture in your hair will remain where it was, no worries, and you’ll even get some extra shine.

You can do a quick retouch easily: just choose one of the 2 speed/heat options and let the dryer do its thing, with the help of the concentrators, additional options like cool shot buttons and so on.

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RUSK Engineering Speed Freak Professional

RUSK Engineering Speed Freak Professional

This one is verified by Amazon and that alone tells you much! Tourmaline and ceramic that make up most of this device will help you get a healthy look in seconds. Don’t worry about the high-tech name this one has, it is just as safe as others, if not safer.

The infrared heat penetrates hair and helps you avoid that frizzy, shineless look. Your hair will end up being straight as if you used an iron, but without the damage.

Those who are familiar with any products RUSK makes will be sure that this product is a great investment, especially for those who have very thick hair.



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Onei MK-II Air Ionique Hair Dryer

Onei MK-II Ionique Hair dryer for natural hair

If you’re looking for something really gentle, something that won’t create any damage to your hair whatsoever, this is probably the best one you can find out there for a reasonable price.

Onei made this model which has infrared technology as well as the ionic protection. Both of these help your hair stay hydrated and healthy so this blow dryer won’t take away any of your hairs shine!

It is very lightweight and makes barely any noise, has a cool shot button as well as a concentrator and a diffuser. The thing that makes it special, besides being extra gentle, are the 12 setting options that give you full control! It does work on 1800 watts only (compared to those 2000+ watt dryers), but it is far more gentle.

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We can’t really choose the best blow dryer for natural hair out of these since they are pretty similar and all have fantastic statistics! You’ll have to think about your preferences and the small things that differentiate these models in order to be able to choose the one that fits you the best.

If you need a high-quality, sturdy model, go for those that are above 2000 watts. They will be faster and stronger. However, if your hair tends to be dry on its own, make sure that you go for 1800 watts, or at least choose a hair dryer with negative ion technology.

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Those who are traveling a lot or use it on the go, we advise you to choose a smaller device. It will be more practical and won’t be much weaker.

It’s a smarter choice to pay a bit more for a high-quality model and any of these, although they might be pricey for some people, are made to last a long time. Over the years, you will see that your investment truly was a good decision: your hair will stay healthy and your electricity bills will get smaller.


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