Low EMF Hair Dryer – Best products in 2020

When you shop for a new hairdryer, the final thing you wish to is to deal with radiation or some other similar problems. This is the reason why it is extremely fine to opt for a hairdryer with a very low EMF value at all times.


  • Best Low EMF Hair Dryers in 2020
  • Why Purchase Low EMF Radiations Hair Dryers?
  • Do Hair Dryers Produce Radiation?
  • Is EMF Radiation From Hair Dryers Hazardous?
  • Final verdict

With that keep in mind, we’ve a comprehensive list that includes a few of the best five low EMF hair dryers on the market.  If you forever wanted to utilize a fine hairdryer while also considering some individual protection, these some of the best EMF hair dryer models for you!

Best Low EMF Hair Dryers in 2020

Elchim 3900 Ionic Hair Dryer

Easy and Comfortable to Use Low EMF Hair DryersEasy and Comfortable to Use

Engineered and made in Italy, this ELCHIM 3900 Hair Dryer is one of the most powerful hairdryers in this list. This dryer utilized ceramic and ionic technology and has a massive 2000W Italian AC motor. 

First off, it is extremely lightweight so you do not have to worry about wrist, arm or hand fatigue. The handle is designed ergonomically to make it simpler to hold and the keys are placed out the way on your fingers so you do not accidentally push them.

The ELCHIM 3900 iconic hair dryer is ideal for all sorts of hair, driers speedily and keeps the hair healthy and shiny. This dryer utilizes ceramic technology to produce the negative ions that naturalize the damaging plus ions made by chemicals and some other vital hair treatments.

The ceramic elements near the follicles and flatten the shafts while hydrating, creating it smoother, a lot more manageable while decreasing frizz. 

This is one more 2000W dryer with solid airflow that works extremely fast even on thick hair, while 2 speeds, 3 heat setting and cold shot key, allow you tone things down for usual or thin hair.

When looking to purchase this model, remember that this 3900 is a premium hair dryer. If you wish this blow dryer, be prepared to invest 3 figures. The great news is that it is in the lower price tag of the premium quality dryers so it would not break the bank.

You might firstlyinvest a little extra than you wished to but remember that brand backs their items with an exceptional lifespan warranty.


  • Ion and ceramic technology
  • 2000 Watt AC motor
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Fast lock system
  • two attachments
  • No Frizz 
  • Quick Drying
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive
  • No Diffuser

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Elchim X-Lite Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer
Best Low EMF hair dryer in the market
Best Low EMF hair dryer in the market

The ELCHIM X-lite iconic ceramic low EMF hair dryer is a very durable and best unit in our list that can withstand a lot of pressure. Key thing to notice is that hair drying time is reduced by around 30-40 percent because it is lightning fast and it delivers some of the best results no matter the situation.

It is always a fine idea to push the boundaries and adopt or adjust your specific needs. The ELCHIM X-lite hair dryer has an extremely low EMF worth which makes it remarkably helpful in a number of situations.

The two air speeds might not be a lot for some users, but they’ll get the job done remarkably and that is the thing that really matters the most here.

The hair will be glossy and it’ll look smooth and great all the time, which is right what matters the most in the last. Then you’ve an exceptional, light and quite approach towards low EMF hair dryers which actually makes a lot of sense in that matter.

It helps your dry even when you have the thickest hair, which is a great thing if you are the type of person that deals with such issues with off the bat. So, yes, it can work ideally for all types of hair, which is a huge benefit.

When using this low EMF hair dryer daily lightweight and ergonomic is highly important. This ELCHIM X-lite is specially designed to have exceptional performance and really lightweight construction. 

The ELCHIM X-lite hair dryer is powerful and hot like a massive 2400W hairdryer but utilizes very little energy to work. In addition, this ELCHIM X-lite dryer is equipped with three filters in stunning colors to customize the hair dryer according to your personal mood of the moment.


  • Ideal hair dryer for traveling
  • Super lightweight, one of the lightest specialized hair dryers out there
  • Powerful and Noiseless
  • Balanced design
  • Equipped with three different colored filters
  • Respects hair integrity
  • Low EMF, friendly for your health
  • Massive power but with an extremely limited electricity consumption
  • Brand recognition 
  • Heath shield technology 


· A more expensive option than many hairdryers

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JINRI 1875W Professional Salon Grade Hair Dryer
Great Value for Money - Low EMF hair dryer
Great Value for Money

If you’re looking for a low cost, lightweight low EMF hair dryer that’ll leave your hair smooth and silky then this JINRI Professional Solon Grade Low EMF hair dryers your go-to product. It only leaves your hair frizz-free but also locks in damp thereby protecting your hair from damage of heat.

With the help of this JINRI Professional Solon Grade low EMF hair dryer, you can style your hair with precision thanks to the included d concentrator nozzle and diffuser. This EMF hair dryer features low noise and utilizes 1875W to dry your hair quickly without getting fatigued.

This hair dryer also features three adjustable modes for temperature setting and the other 2 are low/high speeds setting and a cool shot key making it extremely handy to use.

JINRI Professional EMF hair dryer uses Ions technology that gets rid of static electricity that is reasoned by styling and helps to cut frizz while still hold hair’s moisture. In addition, this model has Tourmaline Ceramic coating technology that gives heath distribution smooth and evenly to dry hair inside out rapidly. 

In JINRI EMF hairdryer, 2 attachments concentrator attachments for quick and fast and smooth drying as well as precision styling. An ideal option for all hair types; short, .long, straight, curly thick or thin, this low EMF hair dryer works perfectly. The concentrator is perfect for precision styling on straight, diffuser airflow to aid define hair natural waves and curls. 

Negative ionic technology in this variant produces negative ions that is smooth and silky hair and locks in damp. Creating the heath calmer on the hair during the styling process for a shiner and less curlytouch. This hair dryer also allows the hair to bear higher levels of temperature without making heat damage. Lastly, it comes with a one-year replacement warranty and two years manufacturer’s warranty.


  • The negative ionic technology helps to eliminate frizz, main your hair healthy and block out humidity
  • Two speeds modes and three temperature setting 
  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Will not produce much noise during the process
  • Easy to clean 


· The buttons for controls placed in conventionally, so you might accidentally change the setting when styling.

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BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Portofino Dryer
Low EMF hair dryer
Comfortable and feature packed

This low EMF hair dryer runs on a 2000W AC motor and we know AC motor tends to be more costly than DC motor which could be a part of the fact why this BaByliss Pro Portofino dryer is a higher-end variant.

Basically, the Nano titanium technology takes benefit of the fine conductivity of titanium to generate heat evenly for optimal outcomes. This hair dryer has an ionic producer that sprinkles out millions of ions to eliminate any still electrical energy in the hair. It’ll failure the moisture for faster drying time and seal off the cuticle for shiny and smooth outcomes.

To style and dry your hair, there’re three concentrator nozzles jointly with one diffuser thrown in. you get to modify the fan speed and level of heat via two toggle switches on the side of the handle. There’s high/low for fan cool and speed, hot and warm for heath setting. 

The rear filler of the BaByliss Pro Portofino Low EMF hair dryer is removable for cleaning and it’s made of stainless steel rather than the usual plastic.

The BaByliss Pro Portofino hairdryer not very heavy nor light, it has a shipping weight of 2.6lbs and product weight of 1.8lbs, the cord is about 9ft long with a hook for hanging.


  • Comfortable handle 
  • Powerful airflow
  • Reduce frizz and perfect for fine hair 
  • Quieter than other models 
  • Removable rear filter 


  • Relatively heavy 
  • Slow drying time
  • Costly 

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Why Purchase Low EMF Radiations Hair Dryers?

  • It is forever a great idea to try and push the boundaries when it comes to protecting yourself
  • They look exceptional and they carry in front of some remarkable functions that you don’t want to miss. It is forever extremely vital to take your time and tack this rightly 
  • That is why you need to study the market to figure out which Low EMF hair dryer is the best model.
  • As a whole, you forever need to focus on getting the best low EMF hair dryers, because they provide a tremendous quality.
  • That being said, do not rush, all the low EMF hair dryers are great for you, but the ideas is to figure out what models provide the best return on investment.

Do Hair Dryers Produce Radiation?

Yes, they do. Not only that, but they produce lot of radiation. Combine that with the fact that product is super close to the head when you utilize it, then you’ll notice that you’re in quite a lot of danger when you utilize such product. The thing to remember here’s that every model tends to have a dissimilar value of radiation produced each time that’s why you have to ensure that you get a low EMF hair dryer unit.

Is EMF Radiation From Hair Dryers Hazardous?

As you can see from the best five low EMF hair dryers listed above, these emit radiation, and it is the sort of thing that can bring in front of an entire lot of challenges. You have to fix and adapt all these things as much as possible. And the return on investment is large each time, just try to consider that. We know dangers are everywhere when it comes to EMF radiation; most electronic items tend to have some, be it in small or huge amount.

Final verdict 

From our thorough discussion, we can say that the top low EMF hair dryer can be a remarkable asset for us in the guard of ourselves from the damaging elements of electronics radiation.

Yes, the susceptibility might not be of a similar degree to each one. But buying a low EMF hairdryer can be the wisest investment when you do not compromise a bit about health issues. Hopefully, our recommendation of the best low EMF hair dryer will be helpful enough to help you in selecting the ideal solution with the finest EMF protection.

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