Best Cordless Hair Dryers in 2020 [Buying Guide and Reviews]

Have you ever heard of cordless hair dryer? Why is it a good idea to use them, how beneficial are they, and what are their best sides? Which is the best cordless hairdryer? Read this article and find out.

Just as the name suggests, cordless hair dryers are hair dryers that do not come with a cord, and so we do not have to plug it in to use them. This type of hair dryer could also be called battery powered hair dryer;  because the main source of power comes from a rechargeable battery that is either built-in or removable.

Who should use cordless hair dryer

These hair dryers are great for people who want mobility and flexibility when using a hairdryer. Therefore, it is excellent  for travellers, who don’t want to stuff their baggage or may need to use different voltages without the unnecessary weight of adapters. They are great for campers, who may not always have access to a convenient power outlet as well. Or, if we want to go generally; for all the people with short hair, who don’t require that much power and would like to use a cordless rechargeable hair dryer wherever they want.

Why should you pick product like this?

There certainly are many benefits of rechargeable cordless hair dryers; but here are some of the most important ones that will make you understand why you should always choose a battery-operated hairdryer.

  • Portability

You can be near the mirror,  or you can be multi-tasking like reading our emails while you’re are drying our hair. As it is lightweight it will not cause arm pain as well. Moreover, there’s no need for you to be in a tiny humid bathroom right after you’ve had a shower to style our hair.

  • Travelling/Camping

A power outlet is not a necessity anymore. You also do not need a special dual-voltage hair dryer, since you don’t have to be connected to the power outlet. A truly magnificent solution for your travelling adventures.

  • Safety

Cordless rechargeable hair dryers use up around 400 watts, which is less comparatively and you don’t have to use it while its connected to power this results in lower exposure to EMF radiation.

  • Easy to use and lightweight

Cordless hair dryers can weigh from 0.8 to 1.2 pounds. They are straightforward to use. Minimal features, thanks to which you can adjust the flow as well as the temperature. Many of them are fordable as well; so you won’t have problems putting them in your baggage.

Best cordless hair dryers

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How to pick the best battery operated hair dryer

When it comes to choosing the best battery operated hair dryer; there are a few key things that should be taken into consideration. Things like running time, charging time, power, as well as dryer attachments in case you want to style your hair using them. Let us help you choose the best cordless hairdryer with these useful tips.

  •  Running Time

You need to make sure the hairdryer is on long enough, so you’re able to finish drying and to style your hair. A single charge should generally last long enough for you to get your hair done as you wish. However, you should remember that using the dryer on full heat is not a good idea, as it will drain the battery much more. In general, we need at least half an hour (15 mins for drying and another 15 mins for styling) but bear in mind that this will vary depending on hair thickness and length.

  •  Charging Time

When it comes to charging; you have two choices. You can get a wireless hair dryer with a fast charging option, or you can use replaceable batteries as well. That way, you can simply replace the battery and charge it up, all that while the other battery is in use. The usual charging time for most of these hair dryers is approximately 3 hours.

  • Power

The battery size will be determined according to the power as well as the weight of the hairdryer. If you styling your hair requires more heat, as well as faster drying, then a higher power is what you need. In case you have short or fine hair, and you don’t need much time to dry and style it according to your wishes, a lower power will be able to satisfy your need just fine. Typical power usage is around 400 watts.

  • Dryer attachments

There are many kinds of attachments available. For example, a diffuser spreads out the air as well as the heat over a wider area, thus allowing you to obtain bounce, curls, and volume in your hair. On the other hand, a concentrator focuses the air as well as the heat in a single place, and it is therefore used to smooth down frizz and straighten your hair.

There is a “But…”

There is one thing that we have to say before you start reading “Best cordless hair dryers” part of our article. 

For a start, maybe you are on this site for the first time, but we are online for many years now, and our first rule is that we are recommending only good products. 


  • Cordless hair dryers and new products on the market and there is still just a few good devices.
  • There is a lot of cordless hair dryers that are worthless. Maybe you will pay them 10$, but even that price is too much for products like that. 

It took me a few days to find these 3 products that I can recommend to you. 

So, if you have some good cordless hair that is not on my list, you can contact me, and maybe I will add it to my article. 

Best cordless hair dryers

Cordless Hair Dryer – Uami

Best product – Our Choice

Uami Cordless Hair Dryer is the best pick on our top 5 list. It is pretty expensive, but we think that it is worth the money if you need a cordless hair dryer. 

Uami is a new cordless hairdryer, it doesn’t have a lot of costumers reviews you can find online, but all we have discovered are positive. 

Key features

  • The power of the battery is 450W (which is more than average battery power). It is coming in the package with a power adapter, and you will need about 4 hours to for fully charged. Also, it can be charged by the phone (this cordless hairdryer can charge you phone if you have some emergency). 
  • Have hat air option (which has only a few more cordless dryers in the market).
  • Does not have the electromagnetic radiation generated by the heating coil.


  • provides hot air for only 10-20 minutes

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Cordless Anion 450W Hair Dryer Hot And Cold Wind

Anion Cordless hairdryer is our second pick just because it is a little more expensive than our top pick, and we can’t see a reason for that.
This is a really good product too, with almost the same characteristics as Uami.

Anion Cordless hairdryer is our second pick just because it is a little more expensive than our top pick, and we can’t see a reason for that. 

This is a really good product too, with almost the same characteristics as Uami. 

The product is ideal for toddlers, outdoor, travel, swimming pools, pets and many other types.

Key features: 

  • 450W power 
  • 15 – 20 minutes of hot air (I didnt find any product on the market that has more power than this one)  
  • The USB energy-saving switch is configured to save energy, and the battery pack can be separated as a mobile power source for charging the mobile phone.


  • It is costly


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MANLI Cordless Cool Air Hair Dryer with Folding Handle

Lifetime warranty

Best cordless hair dryers

If you are looking for affordable products than Manli can be your pick.

Manali blows only cold air. Some people prefer it because high temperatures can damage the hair. Other people like it because it is a fast and harmless way to dry their baby’s bottom after being wiped.

Cold air only enabled this cordless blowdryer to have a small and lightweight battery. Combined with a foldable handle, that makes it easy to carry and use.

The 32 Watts motor can run for 35 minutes on a fully charged 2000 mAh battery, and it will take it about 3,5 hours to charge.

Another interesting fact is the warranty. It is rarely seen in domestic appliances in this price range, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty, which is pretty good.

Key features: 

  • Lightweight
  • foldable
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Cold air only!

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In the end, all we can do is hope this article will help you choose the best cordless hair dryer according to your needs. Remember; a battery-operated hair dryer is a great choice when travelling, or simply being in a position where the cord would be a problem. Choose the most suitable cordless hairdryer and enjoy the freedom of drying your hair where and as you wish.

Do not buy the first cheap device you find online because there is a lot of worthless products.


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