Camping Hair Dryer – Product Review and Buying Guide

Cannot find the right kind of socket to plug your dryer in? Electricity problems at the last moment? With the modern-day cordless, portable, and battery-powered camping hairdryer, these issues are a thing of the past, as users can now dry their hair anytime and anywhere, with minimum effort. Besides, such hairdryers often come along with a USB port, allowing the users to charge their phone as well. 
No longer attached to wires and restricted to power outlets, this hairdryer is perfect for use while traveling or away from home, or indeed, for any imaginable occasion. The cordless hairdryer is one of the newest additions to the dynamic world of technology and innovation.

Camping hair dryer

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Camping Hair Dryer – About the products

Cordless hairdryers have two very substantial advantages, compared to conventional ones. Firstly, as mentioned previously, the user need not worry about the length of the power supply cord. Corded hairdryers can be frustrating, as they restrict movement around the place, and therefore keep the user stuck to a single place while drying hair. This modern type of hairdryer is particularly useful when heading off to places where access to a socket point is not guaranteed. Especially useful when going off on vacations during which a lot of swimming or camping is involved. Moreover, often the hairdryer models available in the hotels are not powerful enough and can often end up messing up the hair instead of drying it. This is why it is highly recommended that people carry their own, preferred cordless hairdryer (carrying a corded one would mean carrying all that additional weight around, which includes the weight of uncertainty about finding the right type of socket).

People often believe that cordless hairdryers do not heat up as much as regular hairdryers, but that is wrong. These camping hairdryers consist of long-lasting motors, making them durable even for people who frequently dry their hair. This is a particularly decisive factor when choosing the brand and model of hairdryer, especially for users with long hair and frequent usage.


FYEE’s 12v camping hairdryer

FYEE’s 12v camping hairdryer possesses a 450W battery-type and uses a 100V-200V power adapter. It can remain fully charged for around four hours, making it highly convenient. In addition, its hot-air temperatures are around 55 to 60 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for hair drying, without causing any damage to the hair at all.

The lithium polymer battery-powered DC hairdryer does not have the electromagnetic radiation generated by the heating coil. When the constant current passes through the product, there is no electromagnetic diffusion, meaning that the resultant wind is mild and entirely harmless, causing no adverse effects on the body. The dryer’s rechargeable lithium battery provides hot air for 10 to 20 minutes and cold air for 2 to 4 hours, making it the perfect travel dryer, ideal for business commuting and outdoor travel camping. The blower and the battery are detachable and replaceable. To ensure that battery life is extended, it is recommended that the users should purchase additional spare batteries and brakes for a new batter life.

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