Wahl Senior Cordless – Complete Product Review

As a barber or stylist, you need a clip that will give you a comfortable time attending to your clients. It would be best if you had something stylish, high-quality, and functional at the same time. You do not want to cut your clients or injure their skin in any way. The market offers a wide range of clippers to consider purchasing, and Wahl Senior Cordless is one of the brands you might come across.


It comes with several beneficial features that allow to you give your customers a sharp, neat look always.
Are you having doubts about using Wahl Senior Cordless? You are reading the right article. Below is a comprehensive review of the clipper to assist you in making a purchasing decision.

Wahl Senior Cordless Review

Wahl Senior Cordless


  • It is cordless and usable with a cord as well
  • Has easy to use flexible blades
  • Provides sharp performance
  • Has a powerful battery
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Price


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As you begin to read our review of Wahl Senior Cordless clipper, we are going to have a short paragraph to introduce the product, and then tell you what is inside the box, before unveiling more information about the product. We will also cover buying tips to enlighten you about purchasing the right clippers.

In case the brand does not appeal to you, or you want an alternative, the article talks about two other clippers to consider buying. The first step to having happy clients as a barber or stylist is utilizing the right clipper. The last thing you need is disappointed customers, and word of mouth (in this case, complaints) spreads fast.

Wahl Senior cordless 8504 is an elegant magic clip with an impressive rating on Amazon and much positive feedback from users. It is a 5-star product to consider adding to your collection. The 8504 model is 5.25 inches long while weighing 13 oz.

What Is Inside the Box?

Wahl Senior Cordless - Complete Product Review

In a pack of Wahl Senior cordless, you will find the clipper (of course) and accessories, including six cutting guides, oil, a styling comb, a recharging transformer, instructions for users, a cleaning brush, and a blade guard.

Wahl Senior Cordless clip comes with zero-overlap blades that ensure easy use and high speed. With a taper lever, the product allows stress-free blending and fading. The manufacturer includes a lithium-ion cell, which, when charged, fully provides 70 minutes of run-time per charge.

You can use the clipper with a cord if need be, which fosters convenience. Besides, it is lightweight, thus reducing fatigue, which is helpful when working for long hours. Wahl Senior Cordless is ideal for over the comb shaving and bulky hair removal. Besides, it utilizes an adjustable 0000 blade for extra convenience.

Buying Tips

There are factors to keep in mind when shopping. Below are some of them.

  • Cord/ cordless: cordless clippers are fantastic. However, if you find a product you can use with both a cable and cordless, it is worth buying to enjoy the convenience. Ensure the cord is long enough to enable you to reach different parts of your head.
  • Usage: some clippers are suitable for professional use by barbers and stylists, while others are for personal use. Depending on your needs, make sure you choose the right model.
  • Run time per charge: when using a clipper in cordless mode, the battery provides power. Check how long a full battery lasts, which is crucial if you are using clippers for commercial purposes.
  • Performance: how efficient a product works depends on the blades and the motor. Go for a clipper with a powerful motor and sharp blades for satisfactory shaving. Make sure it operates quietly, too, so you do not have to tolerate irritating noise.
  • Comfort: buy a clipper with a soft grip for secure holding and comfort. It should also be lightweight to prevent fatigue after cutting hair for a while.

Besides, a long power cord ensures easier maneuverability.

  • Accessories: a thoughtful company provides you with accessories as well. Besides the clipper, the box should come with multiple attachment combs, cleaning brushes, blade oil, and a storage case.


FAQ about Wahl Senior Cordless

  1. Can I use this device if I am not a professional barber or stylist?
    Of course, you can use it. It is designed and created for professionalest, but you can use it at home … and you will get some fantastic results.
  2. How good is the battery of this device?
    It has an excellent battery that will last for 70 minutes of working time
  3. Does it come with a charger?
    Yes, this device is coming with a charger in the box. It is long enough to work while it is charging.

Alternatives for Wahl Senior Cordless 8504

If the Wahl Senior 8504 model does not appeal to you, here are two other products to keep in mind as alternatives.

Wahl Limited Edition 81919, like the Wahl Senior model, is cordless, offering sharp performance and is suitable for professional use. It is a 100-year clipper usable with or without a cord. It operates using a superior quality battery that provides a 70-minute run time non-stop. When the cell power is running low, attach the cord and continue shaving. The 81919 clip has powerful speeds of 6400-6900rpm. With its high stall true, it can handle thick hair. It also has a metal frame that boosts durability and an ergonomic design for comfort. The product comes with a set of steel blades and goes at $189.99.

The other substitute for Wahl Senior Cordless is Wahl Self-Cut Personal Kit, which includes a clipper. Unlike the previous Wahl clippers designed for professional use only, this version is perfect for personal use. It is compact, easy to operate, and has a soft grip for comfortable handling. With the extra-long power cord, you can easily reach every side of your head. The self-cut clipper has an efficient, ultra-quiet motor, self-sharpening blades, and a flexible taper lever for simple fading and blending. It costs $41.83 and comes with 12 snap attachment guards. The kit is a 22-piece package containing a clipper, a blade cover, 12 attachment guards, scissors, two cleaning brushes, two hair combs, blade oil, blade cleaning cloth, and a storage case.

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Wahl Senior cordless is a useful barber and stylist clipper. It is stylish, easy to use, and offers sharp performance. If you need alternatives, try the Wahl Limited Edition 81919 or Wahl self-cut personal kit. The three products are worthy purchases. Despite Wahl Senior Cordless being designed for professional use only, this model has several positive aspects to appreciate about it. With the above review in mind, it is now easier for you to make a purchasing decision.


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