Oster Titan vs. Classic 76 – Which One to Buy?

Do you hate visiting your hairdresser every time for beard and mustaches trimming? If yes, then you must buy your own. Everyone is aware of the brand, Oster, which is famous for manufacturing fabulous hair trimmers. Today, we will compare its two-lifetime models, i.e., Oster Titan vs. Classic 76. Many people across the world prefer these models.

When you look for an Oster hair trimmer, then you will get a variety of products. The online portals are flooded with great hair clippers. These two models work similarly but are entirely different in terms of design, performance, and functionality. It is always better to invest your money in an ethical and worthy product.

The hair trimmer must be durable so that you can invest your money once at the time of buying it. The product must need less maintenance and can be cleaned easily. So, let us compare these two products deeply and know which one to buy.

Oster Titan vs. Classic 76: Specification Comparison

Oster Titan

Oster Titan Review

  • Size: 10 x 5 x 6 Inches
  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Model Year: 2013
  • Hair Types: All
  • Blades: 000 and 1 Ultra-durable Blades
  • Warranty: 1 Year


Classic 76

Classic 76 Review

  • Size: 2 x 2 x 7.5 Inches
  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Model Year: 2005
  • Hair Types: All
  • Blades: 000 and 1 Durable Blades
  • Warranty: 1 Year


Let us compare two Oster hair trimmer models by several factors and know which one is better.


Oster Titan vs. Classic 76 – Which One to Buy?

  • Design

The design of the hair trimmer plays a significant role in durability, portability, and reliability. These two products look similar but are quite different. It is the first most factor that everyone looks while buying a hair trimmer.

  • Oster Titan: This black hair trimmer is designed with simplicity. It is lightweight and can be held comfortably for long hours. The body of the hair clipper is made up of break-resistant material, which makes it highly durable.
  • Classic 76: The hair trimmer comes in a classic burgundy color. It is an old model, but highly preferable due to its fantastic design. The model weighs the same as the Titan model and can be handled with ease. It is also made up of break-resistant material that adds up its durability and longevity. The product also comes in different colors.

Winner: The winner product is the Classic 76 model because of its burgundy color. It is comparatively more durable and robust. The product is also available in different colors.

  • Blades

Sharp blades are responsible for the fantastic performance of the hair trimmer. Therefore, it is necessary to have sharp and durable blades with fewer chances of getting corrode. It is essential to clean the blades for its long life.

  • Oster Titan: The device comes with 000 and 1 detachable blades, which are ultra-sharp and durable. It is easy to clean the blades by using the blade oil. You clean it after trimming dry or wet hair.
  • Classic 76: This hair trimmer also consists of 000 and 1 blades. These blades are also incredibly sharp, reliable, and durable. The detachable blades must be cleaned with the help of beard oil to prevent it from corrosion.

Winner: Both products are the same in terms of blades. You can rely on the quality and performance of both models of Oster.

  • Motor

The motor of the hair trimmer must be robust and durable enough to cut long and thick hair. Let us compare these two models and check which one has the better motor.

  • Oster Titan: The hair trimmer comes with a robust motor, which is extremely powerful to cut dense hair evenly. It is a professional clipper with an advanced motor.
  • Classic 76: The motor in this model is of the same quality. It provides excellent power to the blades so that it can cut and trim your hair with ease. You can effortlessly trim your beard and mustaches in few minutes.

Winner: The motors of both products are the same. The brand manufactures its products by keeping a powerful and robust motor.

  • Performance

The performance of the hair trimmer depends on the quality of the motor. It is essential to check this feature so that you can invest in the right product. Let us compare both products based on performance.

  • Oster Titan: The hair trimmer performs well due to its fantastic motor as well as blades. You can buy this reliable product because of its excellent performance.
  • Classic 76: The performance of the Classic model is also great, like the Titan model. The quality of motor and blades is fantastic, and one can invest money on this device.

Winner: The performance of both models is the same. Therefore, you can buy any of them if you are looking for a hair trimmer with excellent performance.

  • Accessories

The hair trimmer comes with various accessories to give a complete finish to your beard. Some of the accessories are also included to clean and maintain the hair trimmer. It increases the life of the hair clipper.

  • Oster Titan: When you will purchase this unit, you will get other accessories like blade guards, cleaning brush, clipping grease, and detachable blades.
  • Classic 76: On the other hand, the accessories are also included along with the hair clipper. The added items are lubricating oil, blade oil, cleaning brush, clipper grease, blade guard, and two detachable blades.

Winner: The winner product is the Classic 76 model. You will get more accessories with the Classic 76 model as compared to the Titan model.

  • Speeds

There are several speeds of trimming in every hair clipper. It adds up the performance of the device. Therefore, it is another factor that you must consider.

  • Oster Titan: This model comes with two speeds, i.e., high and low. You can easily control the speeds by clicking a single button. It is a fantastic feature in one of the latest models of the Oster.
  • Classic 76: In the Classic 76 model, there is an option of only one speed. You can trim your hair at one speed. It provides constant flow to cut your hair evenly.

Winner: The winner is Oster Titan, as it provides two speeds. You can control the speed of the hair trimmer whenever required.

  • Maintenance

It is essential to buy a hair trimmer that requires less maintenance. If you clean the blades of the hair clipper, then it increases the life of the hair clipper. Therefore, purchase the device which is easy to clean and maintain.

  • Oster Titan: One can easily maintain this hair trimmer by using lubricating and blade oils. You can also apply blade grease for increasing the friction between the blades. You can detach the blade and keep it on guard. Therefore, the maintenance process is easy due to the included accessories.
  • Classic 76: This model also comes with the same accessories that you get with the Titan model. It is easy to maintain this model also with the help of lubrication and blade oils and grease. You can remove dry hair by using a cleaning brush. It is easy to clean the device in a few minutes.

Winner: Both products are easy to maintain. Regular maintenance is crucial to increase the lifespan of the device. If you are considering this factor, then you can buy one of these products.

  • Noise

A hair trimmer must not be noisy. The motor should be less noisy so that it does not disturb others that are sitting near you. Self-grooming should be done quietly. Let us check which motor is loud and which one is quiet.

  • Oster Titan: The motor of the hair trimmer is very powerful and less noisy. You can groom yourself quietly and also, your family will not get disturbed by you.
  • Classic 76: The Classic model comes with a powerful and robust motor, but unfortunately, it is noisy. If you are considering a quiet tool, then this is not the one.

Winner: The winner product is the Titan model. This model is comparatively less noisy than the Classic one.

Pros and Cons

Oster Titan


  1. The hair trimmer comes with two speeds, i.e., low and high.
  2. The motor of the clipper is quiet, and therefore, you can peacefully trim your hair.
  3. It is easy to maintain this device with the help of blade oil and grease.
  4. The clipper is highly durable, portable, and reliable.


  1. The hair trimmer comes in a single color.
  2. The accessories included with the clipper are less as compared to the classic model.

Classic 76


  1. The hair trimmer comes in a unique burgundy color. It is also available in other colors.
  2. It comes with many useful accessories that help in the maintenance of the clipper.
  3. The clipper is connected with a power cord of 9 feet for comfortable trimming.
  4. This product is famous for its durability, heavy-duty performance, and robust motor.
  5. It is designed with ultra-durable break-resistant material.


  1. The motor of the hair trimmer is a bit noisy.
  2. The device comes with a single speed, i.e., high.

Final Recount

After comparing Oster Titan vs. Classic 76, we have found that the Oster Classic 76 model is the best and more preferable. It is better to invest your money on a powerful and durable classic hair trimmer. You can rely on the quality of the brand. It is one of the oldest models, but still, most preferable across the world.


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Above all, the Classic 76 model is a good deal to buy. It is a professional hair clipper that grooms you amazingly and makes you stylish. Check your requirements and then buy a suitable one.