Norelco 2100 vs. 3100 – Which One is Better and Why?

Hair trimmer is a basic need for most of the men to maintain their beard and mustaches daily. So, are you looking for Philips Norelco hair shaver or trimmer? There are different models with excellent performance available in the market. Is it difficult to choose the right one? Here, we will be comparing the Norelco 2100 vs. 3100 models and their characteristics.

It is a trusted company that manufactures quality products. But, these two products are in high demand. People across the world are equally liking both products. There are different features in each model. Therefore, you must know everything in detail about both models so that you can find the right one for yourself.

In the following write-up, we will compare these two models by their specifications, features, pros, and cons. In the end, we will know which one is better and more preferable. It is essential to invest money in the right shaver.

Norelco 2100 vs. 3100 – Specification Comparison

Norelco 2100 vs. 3100

  • Size: 3.5 x 5 x 9.6 inches
  • Weight: 13.6 ounces
  • Hair Condition for Using Trimmer: Dry
  • Shaving System: CloseCut Blade System
  • Contouring System: 4 Directions
  • Accessories for Trimming/styling/grooming: Pop-Up Trimmer
  • Washable: Yes
  • Battery: 2 AA Lithium-Ion
  • Shaving/Charge Time: 35 Mins/8 Hrs
  • Accessories Included: NA

Norelco 3100

  • Size: 3.5 x 5 x 9.6 inches
  • Weight: 13.6 ounces
  • Hair Condition for Using Trimmer: Dry
  • Shaving System: CloseCut Blade System
  • Contouring System: 4 Directions
  • Accessories for Trimming/styling/grooming: No
  • Washable: Yes
  • Battery: 1 2Lithium Ion
  • Shaving Time/Charge Time: 40 Mins/8 Hrs
  • Accessories Included: Shaver, charging cord and protective cap
Philips Norelco Shaver 3100 Rechargeable Electric Shaver with Pop-up Trimmer, S3310/81
  • Enjoy an easy and convenient shave with more comfort at an affordable price.
  • The blades' rounded edges move smoothly over your skin for a more comfortable shave.
  • Heads flex in 4 directions to easily shave every curve of your face and neck.
  • With the one-touch opening, you can easily rinse the shaver clean under the tap.
  • The rechargeable Lithium-ion battery delivers the power of a corded shaver without the hassle of a cord. 45 minutes of shaving time, with an LED battery indicator.

Let us consider some of the crucial features and compare these two models of Norelco

  • Norelco 2100 vs. 3100: Design

Design is the first and essential factor that is essential to consider. Many people get attracted to the appearance of the device only. So, it is one of the crucial factors while buying the product. Let us compare how these two models are different in terms of design.

Norelco 2100

Philips Norelco 2100 comes in an attractive design in black and blue colors. It comes in an ergonomic design which is easy and comfortable to hold. The product is lightweight and compact, which one can carry while traveling. The rubber-coated on the device provides a comfortable grip. There is no scope of slipping your hands from the device at the time of use. In addition, you will not feel any strain in your hand because of its fantastic design.

Norelco 3100

On the other hand, the Philips Norelco Shaver 3100 is available in full black color. It looks more attractive than the 2100 model. The construction of the device is very solid, and its sleek is more stylish. The trimmer is well balanced and lightweight so that you can easily use it. It has horizontal striations that are made up of rubber to ensure that it won’t slip from your hands easily.

Winner: In terms of design, model 3100 is a winner. It looks more attractive and appealing as compared to the 2100 model.

  • Norelco 2100 vs. 3100: Shaving Flex Heads

It is an excellent feature in Philips Norelco hair trimmer or shaver. The hair trimmer provides a fantastic finish and shaves the hair firmly. It also helps in easy trimming on your face contours. Both products come with three shaving flex heads, but let’s check, which one is better.

Norelco 2100 

The shaving unit of this product comes with three fantastic cutting flex heads, which are 4 directional. These are designed by using the Flex and Float system of the brand. The flex heads are flexible that can easily and smoothly glide on your face contours. In addition, if you pass the trimmer a single time, then it can capture the maximum of your hair. It takes very little time to shave your face entirely by moving it in back and forth directions. The device can close shave every time to provide amazing results.

Norelco 3100

The shaving unit also comes with three 4-directional flex heads. Each shaving head can easily tilt inwards to shave properly. The device can trim your face contours. You will get efficient shaving by providing better coverage. The product reduces shaving time and makes you dashing in a few minutes. It has a built-in pop-up trimmer that works great on sideburns, mustaches, and beards.

WinnerBoth products are the same in terms of shaving flex heads. 

  • Norelco 2100 vs. 3100: Battery

Some hair trimmers come with a built-in battery that is easy to charge. You can charge the battery and use the trimmer for some time. But some hair trimmers come with a power cord that operates when you plugin into the power socket. Both products are completely different in the case of battery.

Norelco 2100 

This product can be used without a cord which means that it is fitted with a Li-Ion battery. Once, you charge the battery, and it can last for 35 minutes. It takes 8 hours to charge the shaver completely. If we compare the time, then it is quite longer than other models.

Norelco 3100

The shaver 3100 model also takes 8 hours for complete charging. But it provides enough power to use it for 40 minutes. It is hard to wait for many hours to shave. If somehow, you forgot to charge the trimmer, then, fortunately, you can use an amazing feature, i.e., a 3-minute quick charge that can charge the shaver quickly and provide a single shaving session.

Winner: The winner is model 3100 because both products have the same charging time, but the shaving time of 3100 is more than 2100. In addition, this model has a quick charging feature that can charge the shaver quickly in three minutes. 

  • Norelco 2100 vs. 3100: Cleaning

The cleaning process of a hair trimmer must be easy and hassle-free. The blades of a dirty hair trimmer can corrode with time. Therefore, it is a must to buy the right product with an easy and efficient cleaning process.

Norelco 2100 

The Philips Norelco 2100 model is very easy to clean. There is no need to rinse it off by water. You can use the trimmer only on dry hair. It is already mentioned in the manual that one cannot use this product for wet shaving or using lotions, foams, and gels. If you want to clean by rinsing, then you can open the head part and rinse it under running water. It is important to pat it dry after washing it. Dry the head part by leaving it for some time.

Norelco 3100

Similarly, this product is suitable for trimming or shaving dry hair. You can also clean it under running water. If you find any stray hair or build-up product inside the trimmer, then you have to rinse, shake, wipe, and leave it to dry. You can also use a cleaning brush for cleaning properly. The hair collection tray is also helpful in easy disposal.

Winner: Both models of Philips Norelco are easy to clean. It is recommended to trim and shave dry hair in both cases. 

  • Norelco 2100 vs. 3100: Blade Technology

Blades in a hair trimmer play an essential role in making you look perfect. The blades provide a precise cut and an amazing finish. Therefore, it is a must to consider the blade technology in the hair trimmer.

Norelco 2100

Norelco 2100 model is manufactured with the Flex and Float System that helps in following the contours of your face. It works great in catching and trimming more hairs. You need to pass the shaver at the same spot for very little time.

Norelco 3100 

Philips Norelco 3100 has 4-direction flex heads with sharp blades. The ComfortCut blade system enables the trimmer to shave or trim the hair strands easily from every curve of your neck and face. It provides close cut shaving and gives you a smooth and refreshing look.

Winner: The blade technology of the 3100 model is comparatively good than in 2100. Therefore, the winner product is Philips Norelco 3100.

  • Norelco 2100 vs. 3100: Cleaning Brush

A cleaning brush is one of the accessories that you can get with the hair trimmer. This accessory can help you in the cleaning process. If you are trimming dry hair, then some of the hair strands may get stuck into the blades. A cleaning brush can easily clean that hair. Let us compare which product provides this accessory.

Norelco 2100 

It becomes very easy to clean the trimmer with the help of a cleaning brush. Unfortunately, you won’t get any brush when you purchase Norelco 2100. You can only rinse the trimmer under running water and keep it open to let it dry. Also, you can use a soft cloth to remove the stray hair.

Norelco 3100

When you buy the upgraded model, i.e., 3100, then you will get the cleaning brush. You can easily clean and remove stray hair along with dead skin cells that are lodged in between the blades.

Winner: Here, the winner is 3100 because you will get a cleaning brush when you purchase this model.

  • Norelco 2100 vs. 3100: Charging Stand

The charging stand is another accessory that can help you in charging the device by keeping it correctly.

Norelco 2100 

There is no charging stand available in Philips Norelco 2100. You need to plug in the charging cord to charge the trimmer directly. Make sure that you do not keep the trimmer on any wet area while charging.

Norelco 3100

Norelco 3100 model provides a compact charging stand so that you can keep it in your bathroom. It keeps the trimmer in an upright position at the time of charging, and hence, reduce clutter.

Winner: Here, the winner is Norelco 3100 model because it comes with a charging stand that lets you charge the trimmer anywhere you want.

  • Norelco 2100 vs. 3100: Quick Charging Mode 

Norelco 2100 

There is no quick charging mode available in Philips Norelco 2100. You have to wait for 8 hours as it takes this much time to charge the hair trimmer completely. It lacks such an amazing and handy feature.

Norelco 3100

The 3100 Philips Norelco model provides a quick charging mode to charge the trimmer in only three minutes for a single shave. If you are in a hurry and also, you want to shave your beard, then in three minutes, you can activate the dead trimmer for the use.

Winner: It is evident that the winner product is 3100 because there is a feature of quick charging.

  • Norelco 2100 vs. 3100: Power Button

Norelco 2100 

In 2100 model, the power button is placed on the backside. You need to hold the device gently so that it does not switch off by getting pressed accidentally.

Norelco 3100

Similarly, the power button on the 3100 model is also placed on the backside of the device. Make sure that you should handle it with care.

Winner: Both products are equal in terms of the power button factor. 

  • Norelco 2100 vs. 3100: LED Battery Indicator

Norelco 2100 

This model does not have this feature. You have to charge the device for almost 8 hours, and it can last for nearly 35 minutes. You will not be able to see when you need to charge, how much the device is charged, and when the device is completely charged.

Norelco 3100

This model comes with an LED battery indicator that tells you about the status of the battery. It works when charging is low, and when charging is full.

Winner: Here, the winner product is Philips Norelco 3100 because it has an LED battery indicator to know the status of the battery in this device.

Pros and Cons

Norelco 2100 


  1. It is a good-quality hair trimmer at a reasonable price.
  2. Closecut technology helps in clean shaving without taking much time.
  3. The device cleans the area at a single swipe.


  1. There are no accessories included in this product, like charging stand, cleaning brush, power cord, etc.
  2. There is no quick charging mode and the battery indicator on the device.

Norelco 3100


  1. There are a variety of accessories that are available with this hair trimmer.
  2. The design of the hair shaver or trimmer is very appealing.
  3. It can charge quickly within three minutes for a single shave.
  4. There is a feature of an LED battery indicator to know the status of the battery.
  5. The blades are sharp enough to provide an amazing finish and make you dashing.


  1. It is available in a single color.
  2. The price of the device is a bit high.

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Final Verdict

After comparing two models of Philips hair trimmer, i.e., Norelco 2100 vs. 3100, we have found that model 3100 is comparatively more preferable than 2100. There are many features like quick charging mode, battery indicator, ComfortCut blade system, precise shaving, etc., makes it the right choice.

Noreclo is better then model 3100

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It is recommended to invest your hard-earned money on the 3100 model. You will get the desired results after using this device. It is lightweight and therefore, you take it anywhere while traveling. After charging the trimmer completely, you can continuously shave for 40 minutes.

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