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For most people, getting long natural hair is a dream that usually leads to them trying out all means necessary to get it done. Such ventures usually lead to more expenditures that sometimes don’t yield the best results. The availability of many products in the market has made it almost impossible to find genuine ones that work. Wild Growth Hair Oil is one of the products that are meant to increase the rate at which your hair grows and the volume of your hair. The product has been praised for its effectiveness with most people getting the required results from its use. The oil has been in circulation for over a decade and has maintained the same ingredients and packaging over the years.


Wild growth hair oil

Wild Growth Hair Oil

This wild Growth oil has the most natural oils that have been used all over the world for a very long time. The oils are known to have health benefits and their lack of chemicals makes this product perfect. It shows that it will not interact with your hair or scalp negatively or cause any damages. Some of these ingredients include jojoba oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. Other ingredients include calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin D, choline, phosphorus and iron. All these supply the hair with essential vitamins to aid on growth, conditioning, untangling and additional volume. The oil also has fragrance and natural color to make it more appealing.

The product also reduces the amount of time you’ll spend stretching your hair and will make the straightening last longer. These, when added to its affordability, ease of use and lack of preservatives makes it one of the best hair products you can use. The product is also easy to carry around because of its packaging. The bottle is small enough to fit into your bag which allows you to carry it even when traveling.

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How should use this product?

Wild Growth Hair Oil is made with natural oils which make it very safe. As such, any person who want to improve the rate at which their hair grows can use it. It’s safety makes it ideal for those who have sensitive scalp as well. Unlike some of the other hair growth oils, this product is very affordable. It can be found on online stores such as Amazon at less than $10. It is also one of the hair oils that are easy to use which makes it perfect for those who don’t have any expertise in taking care of hair. You don’t have to be a hair stylist in order to know how to apply this product.

How to use:  Wild Growth Hair Oil

This wild Growth Hair Oil is meant to be shaken before application. Shake the bottle thoroughly them squeeze the bottle to remove between 5 to 15 drops then use your fingers to apt the oil into your hair and scalp. Comb your hair immediately after the application. Leave the oil overnight then wash your hair the following day. Although this product is believed to be most effective in younger people, it still works on any age group.

It’s advisable to use minimal quantity when applying in order to prevent having access grease on your hair. Avoid using it daily and don’t expect to see results soon after the first application. Apply at most 3 times a week. If you use large quantities, you’ll have difficulties in getting the excess the hair when shampooing the hair.


When you buy the product you get a 4 ounce bottle with a pointed tip to make application easier. You’ll be able to use thr tip to put some of the oil on your fingers then apply it on your hair. Wild Growth Hair Oil doesn’t just make hair longer, it also makes hair thicker, shinier and more rejuvenated. It also makes the scalp healthier and moisturized. Although the packaging is basic, it lacks a spraying tip that could make usage a lot easier.



If used correctly, this hair product will make your hair longer, fuller and more relaxed. It will also protect you from chemicals from other hair products as well as the heat from blow drying or straightening. It is the cheapest wild Growth oil currently available and it is also very effective. Although it can be used on its own, you can also use with other natural hair products such as moisturizers. You can try it out regardless of the current state of your hair, whether you’re losing hair in some parts of your head or not.

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