[Tips & Tricks] How To Make Long Hair Look Short?

How to make long hair look short without cutting

You love having your long hair, but sometimes wonder what it would be like to have short hair.  Maybe you often wonder what you would look like with short hair but do not want to take the leap and chop it all off.  Or you just want to have short hair for a night out on the town without chopping your long locks off.  In this article, we will go over some ways to make your long hair look short without having to cut your hair.  These ideas are a great way to find new hairstyles for yourself that you will love.  They are all easy to do and you can add your own style to them.  You can even add fun clips and hair bands to go with your new hair!


Curling your hair

how to make long hair look short without cutting

Do you want your long hair to look shorter for the day or evening?  Then I would try curling it.  If you curl your hair it will appear shorter.  Just by curling your hair, you can see what it would look like and be like to have shorter hair.  Curling your hair will twist your long locks into some shorter looking hair.  Depending on the type of curl.  If you use a small curling iron your hair will have tighter curls and make your hair shorter.  The bigger the curling iron the bigger the curl, if you use the biggest curling iron your hair will not look much shorter than if you were to use the littlest one you can buy.  Also, the more curls that are in your hair will make a difference as well.  If you don’t curl all of your hair only parts of it will seem shorter.  Whereas if you do your whole head of hair, then you will be able to tell the difference.   You can try out different sizes and find the perfect length you are trying to achieve. Make sure to have fun with it!
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A Ponytail Hair

Ponytail Hairstyle


A ponytail is always a classic way to make your long hair seem shorter.  The higher up the ponytail is on your head the shorter your hair will look.  If it is on top of your head you will achieve the shortest length possible with a ponytail.  If it is at the base of your neck it is still going to look long.  Where the bottom of your hair lays is what makes the length look longer or shorter.


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Tucking your hair

There are a few different ways you can go about tucking your long hair to make it look shorter.  It depends on your mood or what you are going to be doing for the day or evening, for which way you want to tuck your hair.
tucking hair

  • You can literally tuck it into the back of your shirt or coat to make it look shorter. If you don’t want people to notice, I would tuck into the back of your shirt because when you take your coat off it will not be hidden.
  • You can tuck your long hair into a baseball or beanie hat to make your long hair look shorter. I personally am not a fan of this one.  It tends to ball up in the back and make a nice knot for me to brush out later.
  • Lastly, you can start at the bottom of your long hair and neatly roll your hair up to the bottom of your neck and bobby pin it to your head and make it look like a bob. This is a great way to make your hair look short.

You should try these three ideas and try the one you like the best.  Out of the three of these, the last one is a good one to try, it can be spruced up for a fancy night out on the town or it can be played down for an all-day hairdo for the office.

A Bun Hair

A Bun Hairstyle

Putting your long hair in a bun is another good way to disguise your long locks.  A bun will keep your hair out of your way and they still look classy or play it down for everyday wear.  You could also do a bun and have the ends hang out a little bit as well.  That would be called the messy bun, which is a popular way to wear your hair.  You can have your hair in a loose bun in the back and leave your side hair that is generally a little shorter anyway down.  If it is the same length as the rest of your hair you can curl the sides and leave them hanging down.  That will also make your long hair look shorter as well.


Braiding Hair

Braiding is another great way to make your long hair appear shorter.  You can do a braid on each side of your head or a French braid down the middle.  A braid that starts at your neck will help make your hair look shorter, but not as much as starting at the top of your head.  The way the braid takes your hair from the sides make your hair shorter.  The bottom of your hair will be shorter going down your back then if you were to just wear it down.

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In the article above there are some great ideas on ways to make your long hair look shorter than it is.  You can try all these ideas and use the one you like the best, or even use them all.  All the ideas are easy to use and don’t even come close to the price of a haircut.  If you have been contemplating cutting all your hair off, try these first and see if it is something you want to do.  If you cut all your hair off and hate it, it will cost a lot more money and wigs to fix it. If you try these out, you will definitely get the results you are looking for.

Now that you have read the article, it is time to go and do your hair!!  You need to have fun with it and maybe you will end up with a new hairstyle that you love and never have to cut your long hair!

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