[Step-by-Step Guide] How To Get Slime Out of Hair

Slime in the hair can be really messy. Slime is fun to play with. But getting stuck to the hair is not something anyone wants on a good day. The scope of this write up is going to Cover the various ways through which slime can be removed from the hair.


  1. Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner
  2. Oil based products
  3. Vinegar
  4. Clarifying shampoo
  5. Soap
  6. Alcohol
  7. Baking soda and water
  8. Brake cleaner

Materials: Fine tooth comb and towel.

For start, please read this step-by-step guide. At bottom of the article you will find links to some products that will help you get slime out of hair you can find products at the bottom of the article to help you


Using Conditioner to Remove Slime From Hair

Using Conditioner to Remove Slime From Hair

  1. The first step is to moisten the hair with warm or hot water. This helps to break the strands of slime from the hair.
  2. Apply the conditioner and massage it thoroughly into the hair following the hair growth direction. Make sure all affected areas are reached using your fingers to break up as much slime as you can.
  3. Pass a comb through the hair to remove the remaining slime. Do this gently so you don’t pull the hair in the process.
  4. Wash it off. Apply moisturizing shampoo and work it thoroughly through the hair in the same direction to remove the last bit of slime.
  5. Wash it off and dry your hair.

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Oil-Based Products Which Can Be Used For Slime Removing

Oil-Based Products Which Can Be Used For Slime Removing

It’s a known fact that oil and gum do not go together, hence, why the use of oil products is applicable here.

There are different oil products that can be used here such as mayonnaise, peanut butter, coconut oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, petroleum jelly as well as baby oil. So whichever one comes in handy in the messy situation, just grab it and follow the steps below.

  1. Apply a generous quantity of oil on the slime and gently work it into the hair, reaching all the affected parts.
  2. Gently pass a fine tooth comb through it while wiping off any slime that comes out.
  3. By now the hair must be stinking of the products. So get your shampoo, work it into the hair and wash off.
  4. (Remember: this is oil so you have to wash it well leaving just a few residues left).


Vinegar For Slime Removing

Vinegar For Slime Removing

Vinegar is a product that has become very pronounced in beauty treatment overtime ranging from skin care to hair care as well. It can be white distilled vinegar. It can also be apple cider vinegar.

    1. Mix the vinegar and water in the ratio of 2: 0.5
    2. Remove as much slime as you can with your hands if the quantity is much.
    3. Remember to protect your eyes as the vinegar can sting if it enters the eyes. You’ll have to be in the tub as you are about to use vinegar for slime removal. Or have the head bent over.
    4. Apply the diluted vinegar on the affected parts and massage it thoroughly into the hair. It’s possible to dip the hair into the vinegar if the slime is at the tip of the hair. Keep on pouring (or dipping the hair into) the vinegar and giving a thorough massage until the slime reduces considerably to almost none remaining.
    5. Apply conditioner and wash them thoroughly.
    6. Pass a fine tooth comb through the hair to remove the remaining slime. Remember to do this gently as you may pull hair in the process. Nobody wants that.
    7. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

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Clarifying Shampoo For Slime Removing 

Clarifying Shampoo For Slime Removing 

Clarifying shampoos are different from the regular ones. They are made of surfactants which make them act as steroids and are used to remove residues from regular shampoos and deposits from hard water.

  1. Moisten the hair with warm or hot water to break the slime.
  2. Apply a good amount of clarifying shampoo on your palms and rub them together.
  3. Gently massage into the hair reaching all affected areas.
  4. Wash off thoroughly.
  5. (Optional). You can apply a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. This will help to reduce the tangles the clarifying shampoo may have caused.
  6. Rinse and dry the hair.

(Caution: in as much as clarifying shampoo removes residues from the hair, it also strips the head of its natural oils that keep the hairs healthy. Therefore prevent the shampoo to from touching the scalp).


Soap + Water +Vinegar


This is applicable where there’s a bulk of slime on the hair.

  1. The mixture should be in the ratio of 2:1:2
  2. Remove as much slime as you can with your fingers.
  3. Dip the hair into the mixture and work it thoroughly into the hair washing off as much you can.
  4. When you wash the hair for about 8-10 minutes, (this depends on the quantity of slime on the hair), wash it off.
  5. If there are still some slime remaining,  repeat steps 2 and 3 until they’re all gone.
  6. Rinse the hair thoroughly and get it dried up.

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It can either be liquid or tablet soap.

  1. Get your fingers wet with water and touch the slime affected area in order to soften it.
  2. Rub the soap on the silly putty softly. (Don’t put it in. Just on the surface).
  3. Slowly in a downward direction, using your fingers to scrape it down, piece by piece.
  4. With the soap in it, you’ll see the color of the slime coming out of the hair. Continue till you don’t see the colors anymore.
  5. Wash and dry the hair.


  1. Pour the alcohol on the slime.
  2. Leave it for 6-8 minutes.
  3. Gently remove the slime using a fine tooth comb.
  4. Wash off and apply conditioner.
  5. Rinse and dry.

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Baking Soda and water

Baking Soda

  1. Mix a generous quantity of baking soda with water to make a paste.
  2. Apply the paste on the slime and let it stand for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Use your fingers or comb to remove the slime to the last bit.

(The soda paste tends to suck the slime up making it easier to remove from the strands).


Brake Cleaner

  1. Spray a good amount of brake cleaner on the slime.
  2. Leave for 10 – 15 minutes.
  3. Use fine tooth comb to remove the slime off the hair gently.
  4. Wash with shampoo and dry up.


Pick any of the methods above, and get the slime off your hair in minutes.

Here is a list of products that will help you to get slime out of hair:

  • Best shampoo
  1. The Beachwaver Co. Good Vibes Moisturizing Shampoo
  2. Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo

  • Best Oil-based products
  1. PHYTO Huile Soyeuse Botanical Lightweight Hydrating Oil
  2. Majestic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil

  • Best Vinger products 
  1. WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & Hair Conditioner Set
  • Best Baking soda 
  1. Arm & Hammer 33200-01670 Baking Soda Shaker


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