How long does hair dye last?

Have you been thinking about dying your hair a different color?  There are a few things to consider first.  Do you want to use a semi-permanent hair dye or a permanent hair dye?  Do you have light colored hair or dark colored hair?   Is your hair happy and healthy and willing to take some serious chemicals to change the color?  We will discuss what the differences are between semi and permanent hair dye and which one will last the longest and how long does hair dye last in your hair.

How long does hair dye last

When dying your hair and how long it last depends on how healthy your hair is.  It also depends on the type of hair dye you are using.  Let’s be honest, if you buy the cheapest hair dye, you will have to re-dye your hair sooner than if you are to purchase a good quality hair dye. Make sure to test a small section of your hair at the back and underneath before dying your whole head.  You want to make sure it is the color you were hoping for before you ruin your whole head and having to go to a professional to get your hair fixed.

How long does semi-permanent hair color last?

Semi-permanent hair dye is exactly what is means, semi-permanent.  It will only last for about 6 weeks, if even that.  It depends on how often you wash your hair, the temperature of the water and even the air will lighten your hair dye color.  If you are using hot water, then your hair dye will wash out even faster.  So, with a semi-permanent hair dye you will have to re-dye your hair more often, which can also be very damaging to your hair. Even when using a semi-permanent hair dye, make sure to test a small section of hair in the back and underneath your head before you dye your entire head.  Even though it is semi-permanent you will still want to treat it like it is permanent as to get the full 6 weeks out of the hair dye.  It is a great way to test colors and see what outcome you are looking for.


How long does permanent hair color last?

Permanent hair dyes will last much longer than a semi-permanent hair dye.  Permanent hair dyes have oxidation also known as ammonia and are mixed with the coloring agent before you apply it to your hair.  Again, the permanent dye will last as long as you maintain your colored hair.  Such as:

  • How often you wash your hair using shampoo?
  • How hot is your water?
  • How healthy your hair is?
  • What products you use in your hair?
  • The type of hair dye you are using

When you think about all these factors before dying your hair with a permanent hair dye it can last up to about 6 months give or take how fast your hair grows as well.  If your hair grows fast you may have to at least touch up the roots before the 6 months.  It is also not healthy for your hair if you are dying it all the time.  With the permanent hair dye there are a lot more chemicals involved than if you were to use a semi-permanent hair dye.  Which will take your hair more time to recover from the dye job you just finished.

How long does hair color last?

The color of hair dye that you choose is another factor in how often you have to re-dye your hair.  Red, for example, is a hard color to maintain.  It fades fast and gets lighter really quick.  Which means it would have to be re-dyed a lot more often.  Rainbow colors may last longer, but do get lighter over time as well and can often change color.  For example, if you have blonde hair and dye your hair pink, it will be pink for about a month and then start to fade to an orange color and then you have a whole other problem to fix.  If you stick to the normal hair colors and stay really close to the color of your natural hair, you will have better luck at having the hair dye last the longest.


In general, how long hair dye lasts is really based on your hair and the way you care for your hair.  If you have healthy strong hair and maintain it properly you will get the most out of your hair dye.  If you have unhealthy dried out hair and use all the wrong products on your hair it will only last maybe one month and then start to fade and will have to be done again.  The least amount of chemicals that you can keep off of your hair, you will have better luck keeping your hair dye looking on point and fresh for quite some time.

Now that you have read the article and read through the semi-permanent and permanent hair dye, you will need to decide what you want to do to your hair.  If you want your hair to be a crazy different color, I would suggest that you try semi-permanent hair color.  That way if you do not like it, it will come out without having to seek professional help.  That can end up getting pretty pricey. Make sure you get a good quality hair dye and make sure to read the directions before you start and you will have a professional dye job that will last you at least 4 months with the proper care and you did it yourself.  You did not have to spend an arm and a leg to get the color you wanted and you did not have to leave your home.


If you follow the directions, you will be able to have the max amount of your hair dye life before you have to re-dye it again.  The max life of your hair dye depends on you and the way you treat your hair.  Using the proper products and maintaining the hair dye.

Good Luck and have fun!