Green Hair Dye – Tips, Tricks & Product Review

Most of us have debated at one point or the other, whether we should dye our hair or not. Who has not spent hours and days fawning after the red locks of Ariel or spent nights scrolling through Instagram posts looking for a brand new hair look and color? And trust us when we say that hair color is the big trendy thing in fashion because most of our favorite celebrities are taking the plunge now with awesome colors that are not just ravishing but also give a unique touch of glamour to their hair. We understand that even if you want to try a new and gorgeous hair dye and be the showstopper.

Consider the undertone

This should be considered as the first and foremost step in the whole process. You should identify and know your undertone. This is something that almost an expert will talk about because it is very important. Whether you go for warmer tones, cooler tones or you are somewhere in between neutral zone, it will determine your color. Consult your stylist or an expert to know your undertone because this will certainly determine which color or shade will work on you. Many experts believe that it is always a good idea to choose a color that is opposite to the undertone. Many even consider it to be the thumb rule! For cooler undertones, warm hair colors are believed to be the best choice.

Depending upon the undertone, people go for colors that can bring out the heat like bronze, copper, or even gold.

So, if you are ready to take the plunge and get out with a new hair color and a fantastic look, but want to know more; this is the perfect article for you. Let us suggest you the color that has become the talk of the town: Green hair dye! Relax we are not thinking you as DC Comics’ Joker, instead we can tell you beforehand how you can rock the color and turn eyeballs around you. Therefore, when we say green hair dye, we mean almost every awesome shade of it. You can choose ark green hair dye, neon green hair dye or even emerald green hair dye and look absolutely gorgeous. Interested to know more? Don’t stop reading!

Tips and Tricks

There are jokes on the internet that people around the world are even using food to dye their hair! As funny as it is, food officially is not even the top ten weirdest hair-color facts. Many celebrities, such as Dua Lipa, Kim Kardashian, and SZA started slipping on the green wigs and colorists are now looking for even more unexpected or weird influences such as tennis ball and slime! Okay, let us be real now, the grand moment for green hair dye in the world of hair color was inevitable. This color had to take the spotlight and today it did. There are a number of ways how you can rock your look with the color green.

Celebrities and personalities cycle through almost every shade and color of the rainbow possible, which includes yellow, purple, pink, and even blue. Such experiments with hair colors gained popularity fast over the last decade. One of the biggest achievements was that people who once thought the idea of hair coloring absurd were now trying them on. The popularity rose with few colors, which people thought to be safer and sober, but gradually they started experimenting and it certainly paid off! However, the color green seemed to stay out of people’s minds for a very long period of time – until now!

A number of celebrities around the world started to dab into the bright and vibrant hair colors with extensions and wigs. However, now more people on Instagram and many celebrities, who are known for their trendy style statements, like few K-pop stars including Momoland’s Nancy, Wooseok of Pentagon, and Chenle of NCT started to make permanent moves on their looks by dyeing their hair emerald, teal, minty green, and lime! To get more information and have a better understanding we tried to find out what colorists and experts think of it. Find out what insights we got from them.

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The perfect hair types for green hair dye

The first and foremost factor that you must consider before you book an appointment with your hair stylist is your hair type. We all know that there are a number of hair types and this is the first factor that you must consider. To achieve the green hair that you want, a serious bleaching is needed and not all types of hair is suitable for that. People who have darker hair or had their hair colored already are not considered to be the best types of hair, according to many experts. Experts believe that people who have never gone for any color before or have a natural light hair are the best fits who can go green. Remember, if the hair is damaged you should not try green hair dye, according to experts as it can damage your hair more.

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How experts usually dye?

Many experts say that irrespective of the color of the hair or the chosen green shade is, the first steps involve lightening of the hair strands and that involves 99 percent of the total time! This step is the most crucial one as it helps in creating the canvas which will make sure that the dye looks perfect. Remember, if you are not patient then you can botch up the whole process and you may not like the outcome. Therefore, it is important to go through the steps so that you get the desired looks that you wanted.

For instance, if you want to get a shade that is on the pastel or neon sides of the spectrum shade, then your hair needs to be bleached first to the lightest blonde. People with darker hair than most sometimes need to go through two or more sessions of bleaching, so that they can get the best platinum level. Regardless of the amount of lightning that is involved, experts believe that one should ask his or her experts to combine bond builder. It will not just help in dyeing but also make sure that the integrity of the hair is maintained throughout the entire process.

If you want to go for the darker hues, like hunter or emerald green hair dye, you don’t have to have light hair. Even if you have a deep shade of blonde, it will work and you will get an absolutely stunning look. However, experts say that in general with dyeing hair green, if the lifting is lighter, the fading out will also be much prettier and natural. It is always a good idea to know as much as you can before you go for the green hair dye. You should also fully understand how it will work and how it should look once it is done. You should do your own research, talk to experts, and even analyze factors like your hair type, your skin tone, and a few other factors.

Green hair fade

One of the most common as well as biggest reasons why green hair often takes longer than the other hues of rainbow is its fade. At the same time, the fade of green hair is also one of the biggest reasons behind its fast growing popularity. However, the credit should go to Trillion Tones, Arctic Fox, and Pulp Riot; today the chances of green hair dye to a lighter variation is much higher than a muddy and indistinguishable hue. These factors are important and many follow them. As a matter of fact, for this reason the sale of green dyes that were considered to be unpopular once went up over a few years. The platinum blonde base is believed to be one of the keys to a true-to-tone fade!

One of the most popular misconceptions that many people have about the green hair dye is that it fades faster. Experts believe that green hair dye takes as much time as any other color to fade. However, there are shades of green hair dye that fades faster and there are few that lasts longer comparatively. For instance, the pastel and neon shades fade quicker as compared to the darker shades of green hair dye. There are various factors that can also play an important role. Few experts believe that the deep color last long.

How to maintain green hair?

There are ways to avoid the awkward fading of the green hair dye and make sure that the color’s life is extended. Experts advise that you should ask your stylist to mix the custom-color conditioner to get a more stable color. You should make sure that you wash the color out of the hair with cold water. Few think that warm water is the best option for washing, which is just a misconception. Alternatively, you can use conditioners that are also known for their color-depositing feature. You can use conditioner like Overtone to refresh the color at your own home.

Remember, when you are dyeing your hair with any color you are changing a lifestyle. Therefore, one should go for it when he or she is absolutely sure about that and must take care of it. It will also include restricting yourself to wash your newly dyed green hair more than once a week. In addition to that you will also have to get help from one of your friends for dry shampooing. Further, you will also have to make sure that you are using UV/heat protectants as well as moisture masks. There are few renowned brands that can help you with it and make the maintenance of the green hair much easier.

Some DIY tips

If you have the right undertone and absolutely sure about the color green on your hair, then it’s time! If you are looking for something bold and daring, try the gorgeous lime green. We assume that you are going for the breathtaking lime green color, you will have to lighten up to the level of 8 or maybe higher. Although, we know that after listening to so many advice you can think that getting your hair dyed to a shade of green can be difficult; it’s not. You can try and get them done at home and we are here to tell you how. Remember, the part where you just dye is not difficult but the factors that come before and after are essential.

Many people prefer “Ion Bright White Creme Lightener” with the 20-volume developer while lightening their hair! Once you are done with the process of lightening your hair with the right shade of blonde, you can proceed with the next step. The most interesting part is that you can also get the green color with multiple hair colors! You can achieve the color with matching and mixing colors and shades. We can discuss it another time as we don’t want to flood you with ideas. So, let’s see how you can get it started at home.

One of the most trusted and easiest ways to apply the dye would be to start making sections of your hair. Once you have done making sections, you can start applying the dye with gloved hands. Remember, if you are using semi-permanent dyes you should keep them for long for better results. Semi-permanent dyes do not have ammonia, unlike the permanent ones. The semi-permanent dyes do not have any chemical ingredients that can damage the hair. Therefore, it’s okay if you leave them for a longer period of time. Experts believe that you can even leave them on even for 45 minutes and you will get a gorgeous shade of green!

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Here are few DIY tips for you:

A Green Shock

You will look absolutely stunning and cool when there’s a chunky highlighted green hair that is hidden partially. You will absolutely love the look as it is both outspoken and subtle at the same time. This is like a shock of the color green for anyone who is not afraid to experiment. At the same time, it is also perfect for someone who wants a subtle look by not covering his or her entire head with green. It can make you look vibrant and conservative. It will definitely add more to your personality and also show off some of your confidence in the process.

Here’s how you can achieve this: You should start by lightning just one strand of your hair that you want to the level of 7 or more. You will have to make sure that you pin back the rest of your hair while you are lightening the strand. It is important because you might end up dying other parts as well accidentally. There are a number of brands that you can read about and then choose. Once you have applied the color, you can leave it on for half an hour or more and then wash. Since the color does not take up much space, you can upkeep it easily. As the weeks pass, when you see the color is beginning to fade, you can re-dye the strand following the same process.

Emerald green hair dye

Many will argue that this is definitely the most favorite hair color as it looks magical and mystical! Interestingly, to get the look your hair does not need to be super blonde. If you have the level of 7, you can go for it too. However, we advise you to remove any orange you have, to get the best desired look. If you have any orange left, it could look a bit strange. If you have a brassy hair, you can get rid of it with a toner or purple shampoo before you start dying. Like we mentioned before, you will have to make sure that you do every ritual perfectly before you start dying. It will ensure that you get the look you want.

If you have thick hair you may want more than one tube so that you can get every bit of your hair colored perfectly. Before beginning to dye you should section the hair and start applying the dye with your gloved hands. To make sure that you get the color all the way down to the roots, you can use the tint brush. Once you finish applying the dye, leave it on your hair and wait for half an hour to 1-hour and then wash the dye out. To upkeep, you can mix the green dye with any colorless conditioner and allow it to settle in for 20-minutes or so as hair mask. It will make sure that your hair remains shiny and at the same time, it will prevent it from going dull.

Mint Green

If you like pastels, then the mint green green dye would be the perfect choice for you. Your hair should me more than level 10 to achieve the best look. However, you may have to use one of those toners that can bring an icy blonde effect before you start applying the color. If you have a yellowish color when you are applying the color, you may not get the desired result. Therefore, be mindful and be sure that you meet the criteria so that you can have the majestic look with the minty green hair. If the length of your hair is longer than you chin, you should get two containers so that you can ensure full coverage.

You will have to apply the dye generously and make sure you covered your entire hair. We recommend that you leave the due on your hair for at least an hour to settle. You can also apply warm air so that the color sink in better and you get the best look. Since the color is light and can be tough to maintain, you should consider mixing some darker green in it. Once you wash your hair, apply a colorless conditioner and leave it for 10 minutes. It will make your hair look super bright, vibrant, and glamorous.

The best green dye review

Now that you have a better understanding of green dye, let’s look into the best products available in the market and are trending. However, a brand can be the most popular, but may not be best for you! Therefore, we bring you the recommendations with all the pros and cons. Let’s begin.


Arctic Fox

This is one of the most popular brands for semi-color hair colors. It has no animal by-products and have 100% vegan ingredients. The product also comes with an added conditioner.


    • Budget-friendly
    • Added conditioner
    • Vegan dye
    • Doesn’t stain the skin
    • Color doesn’t bleed onto the sheets
    • Lasts longer
    • High pigment dye
    • Contains no harsh chemical


    • None


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Splat hair dye comes with a complete hair coloring kit, which contains instructions, gloves, dye, and bleach. The color will last up to 30 washes!


  • Vegan hair dye
  • Extremely pigmented dye
  • Comes with bleach
  • Color stays more than three weeks
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy application


    • Stains skin
    • Color bleeds
    • Dries out if not contained in airtight environment


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Joico Color

These dyes are designed and developed with a formula that contains zero peroxide and is known for vibrant results. Joico color can last up to 15 washes!


  • Long-lasting color
  • Easy to use
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Color lasts for 3 weeks and more


  • Color bleeding


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That’s it!

With the Green hair dye, dark green hair dye, neon green hair dye, and even emerald green hair dye gaining popularity so fast, many leading hair brands released their own brands that guarantee a perfect look. However, we understand that there are factors that will determine the end-result. Therefore, we brought the article to help you understand the whole process, so that you can get the perfect look. So, it becomes absolutely necessary to know your undertone and choose your shade carefully.

Now that you have read the entire article we are sure that you are ready to rock the look and look more beautiful than you already are!

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