Does Hair Dye Expire?

Changing hair color is a great way to style your hair and add something new to your personality. Nowadays, people are following the latest fashion trends and dye their hair to flaunt in front of their friends and family. Many people are fond of trying new colors and buy a variety of dyes. But, one thing always strikes in your head whether there is an expiry date of hair dye.

Generally, hair dyes come with three years of shelf life. But some brands are available that do not mention the expiry date on the box. Some people say that if you open the seal of the package or bottle, then it can expire in 1 or 2 years.

Reasons Behind the Expiry of Dye

Reasons Behind the Expiry of Dye

A hair dye indeed expires, and there are many side effects of using an expired color on your hair. Various reasons kill the quality of dye and expire it. Here are some of the following reasons:

  1. If you keep the packaging under sunlight or air, then the chemicals present in the dye will oxidize and makes it bad for the use.
  2. The place to keep the dye should not be humid and hot.
  3. If you mix the hair dye to another packaging and keep it in another container, then your hair dye may go bad.
  4. If you have a dye made up of organic ingredients, then it will expire quickly as compared to the chemical dyes.

Side Effects of Applying Expired Hair Color

There are many serious side effects, as mentioned, if you apply expired hair dye.

  1. Dark Green Color of Hair: It is one of the common side effects faced by people using expired hair color. You may find a change in chemical makeup after getting expired.
  2. Incorrect Color: The expired dye will turn the color of your hair to some other color and not the one mentioned on the box.
  3. Uneven Color: There are chances that your hair will color in patches of different colors.
  4. Irritation on Scalp: As you apply the dye on your hair, it will touch the scalp. The expired one leads to dandruff, dry scalp, burning, and even irritation.
  5. Hair Loss: It is a severe side effect as you may lose your hair with time. You need to consult a doctor and take medicines to cure it.
  6. Brittle Hair: The expired dye can make your brittle and frizzy. You will lose the softness and shine of your hair.
  7. Burning Sensation on Skin: You may feel burning sensation around your ears, forehead, and neck. It is also a severe side effect of using an expired dye.

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Preserve Opened-Package Dyes 

You must remember some important things if you have already opened the dye packaging and keep it for future use. The environment affects the quality of the dye, and you need to preserve it in the following ways.

  1. You need to keep it away from direct sunlight. It will heat the chemicals, which cause many reactions and make the dye useless.
  2. The container should be tightly closed because if it comes in contact with air, then it will oxidize and become useless.
  3. Keep the dye away from moisture or water because it also oxidizes the color.
  4. Sometimes, many bacteria and microorganisms from ammonia come in contact with chemicals and cause severe chemical reactions.

How to Determine Whether your Hair Dye is Expired or Not?

There are several things that you must notice in the dye before applying it to your hair.

  1. Lumps on the Packaging: If you notice bumps or seeped air on the container, then it must be oxidized. But, if your hair color comes in a hard box packing, then you cannot notice this chemical reaction.
  2. Spoilage on the Package Lid or Cap: If you have dye in a hair container, then you should check the lid or cap of the package. The lid of the expired one will get loose or seeped with air. There is a possibility of appearing orange or yellow color around the lid.
  3. Liquid on Dye: Open the container cap and check if there is any liquid appeared on the top. If any layer of a transparent liquid is present, then it means that all the chemicals are separated, and the dye has expired.
  4. Mix the Color: If your hair color has expired, then it will appear in light shade than you want. After mixing it well, if it will change to the desired color, then it is fine, and if not, then it is expired.
  5. Dye Smell: If your dye is smelling bad, or pungent, then it may get expired.

Reasons for No Expiry Date on Hair Dye Packaging

For some brands, a hair dye is a forever and long-lasting product that will not expire if you keep it with care. The chemical ingredients present in the hair dye helps in preserving the color and increases its lifespan.

If you keep it in a cold and dark place even after opening it, then it will not get expired. It should not come in contact with air, light, and moisture. The hair professionals also take care of such things to avoid the expiry of the hair dye.

Summary: Does Hair Dye Expire?

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Hair dyes do indeed expire. Many factors are responsible for the expiration of the hair color. It is in your hands to keep it in a safe, closed, cold, and dark space to increase the life of the hair dye.

You make sure that you should not apply expired hair dye on your scalp and hair as it may severely affect your skin and hair. It is better to check the symptoms of expired color and take precautions before applying it. Style your hair with care!

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