[Top 3 products] Chebe Powder – World’s best kept secret

Chebe Powder is the haircare secret of an African ethnic group that is living in Chad. People from Chad, known as people with really long, naturally coarse hair that famously goes passed their rear ends. The secret of thair fabulous hair whas kept for many years.

At the start, I was not sure what is Chebe. I was looking for some pictures and plant descriptions. Believe me, it was not such an easy event to find Croton Zambesicus plant photos. But, after some time of searching, I found out…

Chebe powder

Croton Zambesicus plant photos


People from Chat that we were talking about at beginning of this article we’re covering their hair in a homemade mixture of Chebe. But, today, we have some fantastic (100% natural and non-toxic) products made of Croton Zambesicus known as Chebe powder.

Chebe Powder – Secret of healthy hair

The reason I have started searching about Chebe was an advertisement for a product made from Croton Zambesicus. In that advertisement, they said that it was a product that helps to grow hair, give it firmness and health.

I am going to write about chebe powder, its benefits, how to use chebe powder and I will give you some reviews + buying tips.

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What is Chebe Powder, and what for I can use it?

Chebe powder is a hair care product that is derived from a plant known as Croton Zambesicus, a shrub that can be found all over Africa. 

As we can see, there is a lot of benefits this product is giving to your hair. I am going to write about four benefits. I think that this is fantastic 4

  1. NOURISH HAIR – With Chebe powder, your hair will be strong, it will be healthy, and it is going to look more youthful. 
  2. HAIR GROWTH TREATMENT – Chebe Powder naturally contains hair vitamins and antioxidants essential to natural hair growth.  
  3. REDUCES BREAKAGE – Chebe is a natural deep treatment formula that strengthens the hair shaft, reduces breakage and promotes hair growth
  4. 100% NATURAL  – It is a 100% natural/organic product! 

How shoud I use this Powder?

I have already told you that there is a lot of Chebe products on the market today. So, it would be pretty hard to answer this question. 

The best option will be, once you buy some of Chebe Powder products, to do detail research about the way of using it. 

However, there are a few most comment ways of using these products:

  1. Water is applied to the hair, followed by the chebe powder.
  2.  You are making a mix of your favorite hair oil, your hair favorite natural butter, and Chebe Powder. 

Best Chebe Powder products

Today, we have a lot of products that are made of Chebe Powder. Most of these products are 100% natural. I have to say that some sellers include additional ingredientes to make the product work faster. Later in this article, we will try to recommend 100% naturals products.
I know that you will understand that I cant be 100% sure what products do have some additional ingredients included. So, I highly recommend doing a test with these products. Test it a few days before full application on your hair.
If you are pregnant and or nursing, you may also want to test some solution using chebe powder. I am not telling you this because this is a dangerous product, but because it is still pretty much unexplored.

 Chebe Powder Sahel Cosmetics Traditional Chadian Chébé Powder

I am going to start with my favorite product. I am usnig this one for maybe 20 days, and I have to say that I am sattisfied with it.
This is one of Chebe products that you can (should) use with butter and your favorite hair oil.
It is made in Chad, Africa. It contains some additionals as Lavender Croton, Vegetable Oil, Resin, Musk Ambrette, Prunus Mahaleb, Clove.
That additionals are in most hair care cosmetic products, so I was not worried about that.
The price is pretty good for this packing size. It should last you for a very long time. Packeting contains information about how to use this product, so you have all you need.

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CHEBE POWDER Authentic From Ms Sahel Chad

This product is a combination of herbs that is super moisturizing and hydrating to the hair. It is a traditional Chadian hair treatment you should use as a hair mask. The selles said that the Chebe for this product is sourced directly from Ms. Sahel, in Chad.
It is made from all-natural ingredients and is safe to use.

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Amla Powder Indian Gooseberry Pure Natural Hair Growth Treatment Strengthening Thickening Frizz Free Volumizing Shine Conditioner

Amla Naturally contains hair vitamins and antioxidants essential to natural hair growth. It is teamed up with reetha, shikaka (etc.), tohether they can help to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth.
Amla naturally contains natural vitamin c which helps to protect hair from split ends and breakage.
It is natural hair conditioner and hair shine treatment for dry, curly and damaged hair.
It is natural hair volumizing powder that fives volume to lifeless hair. Also, it can be used as a face and all body mask that will help your skin looking fresh, BUT(!) may leave fair light complexion with sligtly brown tan if loft on too long. Amla does have a natural brown tint.

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Do not believe all the stories you can find online about Chebe Powder. It cannot make your hair grown longer and faster, it is just giving your hair straight.

What is this powder doing than?
Chebe powder doing is to help you retain moisture and make your hair stronger. When your hair is stronger, it can likely affect growth better and faster.
At the beginning of this article, we were talking about women from Chad. Their hair is really strong, beautiful and long… and for sure, there is something is Chebe!

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