Caboki Reviews – Is it worth the money?

Are you losing your hair lately? You are not the only one. A few years (10-15) ago, there wasn’t the right solution for that situation. Today, we have a lot of solutions, and one of them is Caboki.
That is why I am writing this article, Caboki reviews and buying guide.
I don’t have money to pay some influencers or something like that, but I have some really good (bald) friends:). We were testing Caboki, and here are the results.

We were testing it, and here are the Caboki Reviews

Joe is 34 year old guy with half-long (he is still trying) brown hair. 

Joe is my friend for life. We know each other for a lifetime, and he started to lose his hair a few years ago. 

It is still a pretty big problem for him, and he is trying all the methods he can find. I think that he should not waste that amount of money, but ok, I can understand him. 

A few days after ordering Caboki, Joe comes to my home are we had started Caboki review

Like many others, there are a few fresh Caboki reviews videos on youtube. It does not take long until we figure out how to apply Caboki on his hair. 



  • His hair was looking much better
  • It is really easy to use
  • Low product price 


  • It is a little bit of a messy process of applying it to your hair

Michael is 42 years old, and he is completely bald. 

Michael is my friend for a very long time, and almost half of that time, he is bald. That is not some big problem for him, but he is still looking for some modern solutions for recovering his hair. 

He had never heard about Caboki until I told him about it. But, it was pretty easy to convict him to be part of this test. 


We were trying to make his hair look natural with Caboki, but it was impossible. 

It was just not looking natural on his had, no matter how hard we were trying. 


  • Product price is not huge, so it was worth trying.


  • It does not work with entirely bald people 

Does Caboki Really Work?

Long story short: Yeah, it works if you are Joe (in this story), but if you are completely bald (as Michael) Cuboki is not going to help you.

What is Caboki?

Caboki is made of natural fibres from plants, and it is an entirely safe product for use. Caboki is not paint for hair or something like polish etc. It is a natural product that instantly conceals your bald spot of the thinning area, and it gives you a perfectly natural look (as if you are not bald at all).

The product is available in 3 different sizes and 14 different shades. Chaboki can be used for both men and women. It gives the same effect. 

What do others say about Caboki?

It this part of the text, I am going to talk about Caboki reviews that we found on the internet (youtube mostly).

Maybe it was that easy for me to convince my friends to help me through this test because of the youtube videos that we saw before buying Caboki.
Caboki appears to have a mostly positive online reputation, which is not usual for this type of products, right?
If there are some negative comments on this product, it is because of the price. But we think that the price is not that high.

Additional complaints include that Caboki’s fibres fall out frequently during the day or when it windy/rain day.
I love hair and all about hair, so I had an idea of how to solve that problem… and, it is working. You have to apply some of hair holding spray, and you can walk on rain – Caboki is not going to fall out of your hair.

That is one of the reasons why it does not work with completely bald people. Hair holding spray does not have anything to hold Caboki for.

How to use Caboki?

  1. For the start, you have to wash your hair.
  2. Then, dry it and make your favourite hairstyle.
  3. Shake Caboki onto your thinning areas. You can see in this video how to do that.
  4. To finish off, spray a few shots of Volume Control Mist.
  5. If you are going outdoors, you should apply some holding spray-on “your” hair
  6. Wash your scalp and all other parts that you don’t want Caboki on (hand or I don’t know 🙂 )

That is pretty much all you have to do. It is pretty easy.


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Where to buy Caboki?

On Amazon, of course. There is a great opportunity because you can buy a small packet just for a testing  the product.
However, the product comes in original packaging, which is enough for 90 days of use. Price? It is definitely worh the moeny.

Caboki Hair Loss Concealer – Color – BLONDE 30G (90-day Supply)

This is the product we were testing. I am going to repeat it. Don’t buy Caboki (don’t waste your time and money) if you are completely bald. But, if you are not wholly bare, Caboki is going to help your hair look much better. 

Once you buy it, you will find your own way of “how to use”. But, you can even watch some video tutorials on youtube. 


  • Caboki is a natural product 
  • It really works if you are not completely bald 
  • It is a safe-to-use product
  • Price


  • It does not work if you are bald at all 

* This is amazon ad



Summary: Caboki Reviews

You have to remember that success is presented to each individual differently. Depending on how Caboki will match the colour of your hair and how well you will apply it to your hair.
I can say one thing: it is definitely worth your money, and you have to try with this product.
One of the most important facts is that Caboki is a 100% natural product, and I can’t see anything wrong that can happen if you try it.




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