About us

Hello everybody, My name is Katty. I am 34 years old blogger from USA, California. I love writing, and guess wha… I love my hair. On my website, you can find some tips, product reviews, etc.

My web site messyhair.net is 2 years old. I am writeing about hair care products that I was using or just testing. I am not only writer on this site, there is a few of us and you can become part of my team.
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That means that this site is monetized by Amazon.
We are always trying to do our best, to give you some great products reviews that we were using… but I can’t guarantee that every information on my site is 100% true or correct.
Sometimes there will be some incorrect information, I think that it is normal when you are doing a job like this.

I hope that you will enjoy reading my website and that you will come here again.